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    Help concerning knee pain and possible pseudo locking?
    SiddieV posted:
    Hello! To start off with some brief information, I'm nearly 18, and the only history I have that would be relevant to my issue would be that I played soccer for about 8 years, and have always been moderately clumsy ending in falling on my knees pretty regularly as a kid, and occasionally as a teenager.

    As of November, both of my knees started to hurt pretty severely out of absolute nowhere. It wouldn't matter what I was doing, (sitting, standing, walking, whatever).. They would just hurt without warning and continue quite severely for a decent while. Toward December, the severity leaned more towards my right knee, and now that winter has ended, the pain is only in my right knee, but only at CERTAIN times. If I'm walking/running/whatever, it's fine 60% of the time. But if I sit at my desk, especially if I cross my legs (Indian style) or any other way, or sit on them, etc, for a little while ( more than 5 min.), and then attempt to stand, it's very stiff and when I try to bend it, it becomes increasingly painful, and right when it comes to making the leg/knee ACTUALLY STRAIGHT COMPLETELY, it can be rather sharp of a pain. It also hurts if I bend down to sit on the ground, especially cross-legged), and several other times. After some minor research, I believe my knee may be pseudo locking, (locking or stiffness that can be worked out manually and then is fine). I may be wrong though, I'm just trying to find out. After standing, I have to carefully extend my right leg back into being straight, and sometimes it takes a few minutes to walk it out, and usually it will still feel sore afterwards, with the level depending on the position in which I had been sitting in and for how long.

    Anyway, At this time I really cannot afford to see a specialist regarding the situation, but I'm curious as to what may be causing this. The main puzzling part to me, is that although I've had plenty of falls and scars on my knee, nothing happened right before it all began; it just blossomed out of nowhere. And I've never had any serious injuries to either knee (that I know of), just falls (which usually are pretty hard though, and have been known to tear the skin, but nothing debilitating at all.)

    Also, when I mentioned not having any serious injuries to this knee, I mean the times that I have hurt it, although it may have been a pretty bad exterior injury (blood, big scab, etc), it was still only (what I thought was) exterior, and there's never been swelling or internal pain. Only now is there the pain ( no swelling though.)

    Any comments that could assist me in my search would be greatly appreciated, pretty pretty please.

    Thank you in advanced!!

    -Sid Palmer
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi Sid,

    You probably don't want to hear this, but, of course, you need to see an MD for a diagnosis.

    Since you are not -yet ("nearly") eighteen, you are legally not yet an adult. Perhaps your parents have you insured. Have you shared your concerns with your parent(s)?

    You may not need to see a "specialist". You may be able to get the process started with your primary care MD.

    Good luck,

    SiddieV replied to ctbeth's response:
    CTBeth, I'm really not quite sure what impression you got of me, but it seems initially biased.

    I'm fully aware of my age and of my legal status.
    However, that doesn't make me as ignorant as I think your response has implied; I feel quite insulted really.

    I have (of course) already talked with my parents concerning this issue, in fact my mom has a similar problem.
    The insurance I have does not cover spontaneous trips to the doctor (as I've, again obviously, already looked into that.
    (It covers only ER trips).

    I wasn't implying that I needed to see a specific specialist, but rather a specialist in general, referring to any type of doctor/MD/etc.

    It seems to me that all of what I've just explained should have been obvious, or I would have had no point in resorting to an online forum.

    Could someone that is actually genuinely interested in offering me some advice or opinions please respond? I'm not trying to come off as conceited or cranky, just looking for whatever help I can get.

    _swank_ replied to SiddieV's response:
    I don't see anything in CTBeth's response that is conceited or cranky or anything else. You're reading too much into the post. She is just trying to help. Don't assume that anyone has made assumptions about what you may have already done. We have no way of knowing if you've talked to your parents or looked into insurance coverage unless we ask.

    All that being said, your symptoms are very vague and there's no way anyone on the internet can tell you what's going on. We can all venture a guess but that is really futile when it comes to an actual solution. Knees are very complicated and there's a lot of things that can go wrong including torn meniscus, torn ACL, torn PCL, torn MCL, torn LCL, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, etc. It will likely take an MRI to really get an answer and for that you need to see a doctor.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to SiddieV's response:
    Hi Siddie and welcome to WebMD,

    I know you're looking for answers but, as others have suggested, no one online can really know what's going on and it will require a doctor for diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

    That's all Beth was saying - while asking reasonable questions based on the information you provided - and she was in no way being biased nor judgemental.

    Text communication can be a wonderful thing but it can sometimes lead to misunderstandings because there is no tone of voice nor body language by which to judge intent. This is why it's always a good idea to give others the benefit of the doubt. Everyone who is here is here because they are in pain and are reaching out to get help or to give it, as Beth did.

    Thank you to both Beth and Swank.
    Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you'll help them to become what they are capable of becoming. ~Goethe
    annette030 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Ditto what Bet said.

    However, the age of consent varies from state to state. I live in Oregon and the age of consent here for medical care is 15.

    If you live where it is 18, and do not have insurance, use your search engine to look for free or low cost medical clinics.

    You have to see a doctor to get diagnosed.

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to SiddieV's response:
    Bet did not say anything rude or condescending to you.

    I did not know until I moved to Oregon that there was anywhere that the legal medical consent age was less than 18 for non-reproductive health concerns.

    Bet and I are both nurses, and chronic pain patients also. We have both met plenty of young people who for whatever reason do not discuss their health problems with their parents, I am glad you have already. The only thing that is "obvious" is what you have posted in black and white.

    Folks come here for a variety of reasons, but we cannot diagnose anything here, nor can you accurately diagnose yourself with "pseudo locking" or anything else. Even I do not try to diagnose myself on line. I see my MD and after she gives me her thoughts, I do my research and see what the two of us can come up with. The examination done by a trained doctor is a very important part of making a diagnosis.

    Best of luck to you.

    Take care, Annette
    SiddieV replied to annette030's response:
    T__T People can stop replying now, thanks.
    aterry1 responded:
    Hello, I realize that you wrote on here over a year ago but after I read what you said, I am having very similar symptoms. I will be sitting a certain way and when I get up to move my knee will stiffen right up and I wont be able to straighten it and than after some massaging and working with it, it will eventually straighten but will than be swollen and painful to walk on for a couple days afterwards. I have had some ligament problems but I am really not sure what this is all about and if it is ligament related. I was wondering if you were ever diagnosed? I have been to several physiotherapists and they pretty much just give me some exercises to do and send me on my way but once every month or so sure enough this will happen again. If you were given any answers to why your knee was acting up like that please let me know. I have been dealing with this for 9 months now and it is very frustrating.

    Thank you

    _swank_ replied to aterry1's response:
    After rereading this post it occurs to me that my knees do the same thing, as do all the other joints in my body. For me it's fast-approaching old-age that is the likely culprit. We get less flexible as we age. I learned a long time ago that sitting in certain positions were going to cause me pain, like sitting cross-legged or sitting on my knees. If it's causing you pain then it's a message from your body not to do it.
    LulubelParker responded:
    Hi Sid-I saw your post was it was what made me to sign up on WEbMD. I too have "cranky" knees. Mine would lock up at the worst times. Driving, sitting on a bar stool and twisting back and forth, sometimes walking, sometime sitting on the potty. even turning over in bed and that is the ultimate crappy wake up call! All different ways including work where I had to be carried by 6 women. (i worked in an arts and crafts store). But I have had it since I was 13 and I am now 52 and I finally got a diagnosis this winter of 2011 I have been thru nurmerous Ortho guys.Treatments, braces, injectionse etc. and not one thing worked. I had the injection by this guy---> Even one who treated the local football team here in NE Florida...(no names being mentioned . I have had my knee caps cleaned out and was DX with Class 4 knee something something. Basically they are like tissue paper with wad of stuff sloughing off (cartlidge) and pieces were getting caught up in the joint. But it was't the answer to my knees locking up. But no one would do anything other than Rehab. Ha! I finally went to another Ortho Lady her at the local big-boy teaching hospital and with in 30 seconds of looking at my X rays and gentlying bending my knee so they wouldn't pop out, she said I have knee caps that point out to the sides insteat of straight forwards. I was supposed to do 4 weeks of rehab then she we would talk about the next step. She told me to NEVER NEVER sit Indian style again. NEVER squat, which is bad on your back though, Never sit in swivil chairs.Use a lift rail and raised toilet seat to make it easier to get up (i haven't gone that far yet) Never be on my hands and knees. There are other "NEVERS" but you get the idea. I now drive barefoot or in sock, even in the winter, because the tread of my shoes and the carpet in my car would rub and pop my knee out. I even had to have my elementary school aged daughter press the gas and break one time just to turn around and go to the ER. Its a nighmare when you cant use your knees and you realize just how often you do use your knees. So I SUGUST, only as a person who has dinged up knees (yes I was in 2 wrecks but she said it was something I was born with) to just not squat, twist, sit indian style (that one is really bad for me, its been over 10 years since I sat like that even with one leg, since both my knees point out instead of straight ahead and I can liteally see it just by looking at it.) Its just something that takes time and takes a conscience effort to learn to do. I also have a full leg immbolizer, that sucks when it is hot, but holds your knees in place since the tendon do get stretched out the longer you knee is dislocated and that is what happenes to me. My knee cap gets hung up on the outside bone (tibia-fibia?) one of them I can't remember. Eventually I will have to have surgery to replace the knees, but since this winter, that i got the DX and relized I was doing it to myself by sitting wrong, etc....I feel like if I can keep it under control it will be awile before they have to be replace either one or another. So I feel for you since I have it too and suffured a whole lot my dad didnt believe going to docs office and wasting the hard earned money. that is why i have crooked fingers-car door meeting left hand and twice broken arm at just the the same place from roller skating. If you could move your fingers it wasnt broken even though it was so swollen I couldnt move and was beginnin to turn blak instea of green. But I sure had to go to school and bring home a school nurses not which he threw away. All this wwaiting caused me to have to stty in th cast 8 weeks longer. I think almost 24 weeks and its still kinda funky especially if I am tired an it will automatically go back to that posititon. Runing out of room...sorry for the rant and I DO so hope you find some decent help.................Lulubel

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