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Thank you
capricorn144 posted:
Thanks to all for your comments. Made me feel less crazy. The sweating and the constipation are both dreadful. Is there some other long-acting drug that might not have the same side effects? I really want to try something different.
CTBeth responded:
Hi Capricorn,
I must have missed your initial discussion.
I don't know what med you are taking, but when I was on Methadone (yes, for pain), the sweating was so bad that it made my life unmanageable. I seldom left my house. I was in tears. Taking a shower was a nightmare: sweating while in the shower was more-than I could bear. Make-up melted off.

I asked my MD to change my med. I must say that the methadone helped the pain more-than any other agent, but the cost was too high.

I am now taking MSContin and the sweating is less- not totally resolved, but I can live with it.

Constipation? It, for me, is just the curse of having to take opiod therapy.

I do have a spinal cord stimulator. This has enabled me to decrease my meds by about 50%. Of course, less meds helps, but still...

A few months back I started a discussion on constipation and got many replies. There were some helpful tips. If I can find it (in my history), I'll re-post it for you.

Do you mind telling which meds you are taking?

Please write again,

CTBeth replied to CTBeth's response:
Allow me to correct myself; I did participate in the last discussion. I had not initially realised that it was posted by you.

How are you doing now?

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