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Chronic Pain and it's development
proof43 posted:
I developed a torn ACL in 1988. The Air Force and Va did not want to treat it as I was only in my 30's. The knee problem developed into a bone on bone situation. I finally found a surgeon to replace the knee. My question is before I had my surgery I developed severe back pain. The MRI show compression and scaring. I had no back injury and am trying to find information coordinating the change in my gait to the back pain. This went on from 1988 until 2005 when I finally had surgery. if anyone can steer me to articles conforming my problem please let me know. Thanks
orcus responded:
I am suffering the same problems after a 10 year stint in the Corps. I am facing a total knee repacement shortly. I am sorry for your pain, I take enough narcotic pain meds to put down a horse. I am fortunate that I have other insuranse and do not have to rely on the VA in my area. The do not treat pain managment very seriosly.
annette030 replied to orcus's response:
I want to thank both you and Proof43 for your service to our country.

My son also did 8 years in the Corps and all that humping will ruin a man's knees, I think everyone who had all that marching and hiking in the Service should get reimbursed for it. My son is only 33 and his knees are a mess also.

I think part of the VA's poor response to pain is the whole military culture of sucking it up. Hopefully, they will come around along with civilian hospitals/healthcare.

I have to say that in my experience in nursing, the VA hospitals have vastly different reputations depending on what community they are in. I live in Portland, OR, now and the VA here is well thought off, but the VA in Reno had a terrible reputation back when I lived there.

Best of luck to both of you.

Take care, Annette

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