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    I need suggestions for a opiate pain killer with no tylenol or that will effect liver as with vicodin or norco.
    sairahmom82 posted:
    I have had 12 surguries and colon removed. I have chronic pain, and it hurst to eat and use the restroom and have quality of life without pain relivers. My problem is that alot of them contain tylonol and it effects the liver in a very bad way. I need suggestions, of strong meds that can do the job but not effect the liver as much, since this is long term I have gone through alot in my short 29 years. Please help so that I can better my options for pain relief.( I do meditation, and acuputcture and drink suplements, so please just let me know about the pain killers.)
    _swank_ responded:
    There are several pain killers that do not contain aceteminophen Best to discuss all this with your pain management doctor since s/he will have to write the prescription anyway.
    Kelly_30 responded:
    Hi Sairah,

    I agree with swank that you should discuss your concerns about pain meds containing acetaminophen to your MD.

    But, it terms of pain meds that don't have acetaminophen, there are a lot. In the opiate family they are broken into 2 categories: Short-acting and Long-acting.

    Hydrocodone does not come without acetaminophen, which is also called vicodin, which you discuss in your post. Percocet does come without acetaminophen. It is called roxicodone, which is a short-acting opiate like vicodin and percocet. Morphine also comes in short acting form.

    As far as long acting opiates there is Morphine, Oxycontin, Methadone (make sure your MD has experience in prescribing Methadone as dosing can be tricky), Fentanyl Patches, Burans Patches, and probably some others that I can't think of right now. All of these are acetaminophen free.

    A long acting/short acting combo has worked best for my pain. I take Morphine ER (Extended Release) every 12 hours and percocet in between. The pain relief is very short with percocet alone. I have found that I have much more control over my pain with the addition of Morphine. I also take other meds such as flexeril, remeron, valium, and gabapentin, which all help with my pain too.

    It may take several tries before you find what works best for you. Best of luck and let us know how you are doing. I am very sorry you have had to have so many surgeries at such a young age. You still have so much of your life ahead of you and to enjoy it, you need to be in control of your pain. I am glad you are also doing alternative therapies, which may augment pain relief.

    Living one day at a time.
    cweinbl responded:
    Fentanyl Transdermal has little or no liver-damaging potential. The medication is absorbed through the skin. It is the most powerful pain medication available. Each patch can last 48 to 72 hours. Ask your doctor about it.
    painlady1113 responded:
    Sarahi, I am in same boat and have been unable to find doctor in NYC willing to give me enough of whatever to cover the pain. And I am just so frustrated. I have been In Pain Management since failed spine surgery in 2006, when I finally was able to get my records bec. I wanted To move, there was all kinds of information about me that i was never told. Such as I have Diverticulitis. Which I have just now in 2013 been given meds for.- Topiramate. Yes I am so angered. I want to live in Florida and can't get a pain med doctor because on every page of my records it says that I am an alcoholic. No. It does not say on every page that I detoxed in 1986 and have been a successful and active member of AA/NA ever since. The doctors in Florida won't even touch me. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO? Spine Surgery 2006 left me with bad nerves in my legs. Diverticulitis; Fibromyalgia, COPD from the pain meds (my previous pain doctor gave me too much) a Fatty Liver and I forget what else. I do not have a quality of life. That's for sure. Any suggestions?
    blessedladyptl replied to painlady1113's response:
    Your situation is a great example of why everyone should get a copy of their medical records, ever so often, to check all the info in them.
    You have the right to request that a dr correct any incorrect info. If they refuse, you can enter your own statement into your medical records (This is Federal Law) BUT, stating that you're a alcoholic is not incorrect.Perhaps entering a statement into your records about you being a "recovering alcoholic" as of such and such date may be a option. But, you would need to contact the dr that entered the info.
    You might want to think about going to see a substance abuse counselor. Perhaps if you were seeing someone that could verify what level of risk you are for relapse, a PM dr may be a little more comfortable about rxing you pain meds..

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