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mental illness and spinal fusion
mazzarisi posted:
reply about this concern meds like a double whammy everyday find someone it moreand more difficcult to cope pain meds makeside effects worse opana not working need stronger meds pain management refuses to addressthis issue someone please identifymichelle
_swank_ responded:
I have no idea what this post is saying or asking. You need to rewrite it using complete sentences with punctuation. It will make it easier to read and you will be more likely to get replies. Use the spell check after.
mazzarisi responded:
4surgeries sorry 3 dr wants to do 4tocorrect fusion by scraping bone so it does not impinge on nerve cannot make up my mind deeply depressed on bipolar meds also pain ativan anyone can identify?physical/mental sufferer
annette030 replied to mazzarisi's response:
I am sorry, I can only guess what you mean in your posts as you have not made it into sentences or use punctuation.

I assume you have had a number of spinal surgeries, and are now using Opana for pain and it is not working. You also have bipolar disorder, and feel very depressed. If you are on a lot of mental health meds, still depressed, and also in pain and the Opana is not working for you, I am not sure you are even capable of giving informed consent for surgery at this time.

If I were you, or if you were my friend/family, I would suggest you see your psychiatrist first and get your bipolar disorder under better control, then see the PM doctor and get your pain under better control. Once you are past this crisis you can decide about more spinal surgery.

I think it is more a matter of what dose you use for the Opana than using a "stronger" pain med. The PM doctor may be reluctant to give you more because you are taking Ativan or other mental health meds. I don't know, ask him directly why he feels it is not the time to increase your dose or change the type of pain meds you take.

Take a deep breath, and try and settle yourself a bit.

Take care, Annette
mazzarisi replied to annette030's response:
thanks for reply annette feeling more center with friends and activities struggle but more hopeful will be in touch with surgeon next week to discuss options mazzarisi
annette030 replied to mazzarisi's response:
I would not bother to discuss meds with a surgeon, but rather discuss it with a pain management doctor or whoever writes your Opana RXs.

All a surgeon will tell you is if he thinks he can do surgery, and if it will improve your pain.

Take care, Annette

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