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Facet Rhizotomy
Skeeter312 posted:
I have had neck pain for a long time. I had neck surgery last July and I am still experiencing pain on my right side from my neck, shoulder arm down to my middle finger, ring & index finger along with the burning, tingling & numbing sensations. I have been to EVERY Dr imaginable. I was finally told that I have some sort of nerve damage that may or may not be repaired. Both the Neurosurgeon & my family Dr agree as well as my pain management Dr that having a Facet Rhizotomy would more than likely be very beneficial, as I have had both facet & epidural injections which have not been real helpful, lasting only 4-5 days. I would like to know from others that have been in this situation any feedback they can provide that may help ease my mind or if there are maybe other options I can mull over.
shaunamharris responded:
i also have pain in my neck very bad have not had surgery
have a bulgin disc between c5,c6 and it goes threw my spin
threw my back nerve damage in left arm which cause me
left hand to swell also down my left leg which turns purple i feel your pain they told me i dont need surgery i would like to get
another doc to see what they think! i really hope u get better
cause i know what pain does to people
cweinbl responded:

My Facet rhyzotomy (a.k.a. nerve root ablation) was excruciating. The needles were the size of hollow knitting needles, with electrified leads going into the center. This procedure is performed largely without anesthesia of any kind.

The result was a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN PAIN that lasted for more than a year. I am not the only one who has experienced a worsening of pain after having had spinal nerve roots fried with a jolt of electricity.

Research indicates that if any form of injection does not initially help, then future iterations are also likely to fail (see:;12;699-802.pdf ).

The worst part was when I had my next myelogram. The scar tissue from the rhyzotomy was clearly visible and it impinged my right S1 nerve root. Thus, the rhyzotomy created a PERMANENT INCREASE IN PAIN from scar tissue (fibrosis). The more times you have a rhyzotomy, the more scarring you will have and the greater the chances that you will have an increase in pain for the rest of your life.

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