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I am allergic to ALL pain medications, what to do?
theracho posted:
I have developed a severe pain medication allergy. I ahve tried all over th counter pain medications, all have which started with hives, swollen face and then within 25 to 30 minutes my throat swells shut.
I have tried vicodine once and left me with shortness of breath and hives and was told to never try it again.

I ahve chronic pain in both my feet. And for the past 2 days i ahve had stiffness and extreme pain in my neck. I ahve been running a slight fever. I know i cant take anything for the fever. I can only take an ice bath.

Is there anything out there I can try? Any suggestions on how to manage this pain? I am tired of my life being limited because of any pain that comes my way. I am only 23 and this is very frustrating despite my high pain tolerence.

clenching fist, gritting teeth pain,

annette030 responded:
I would see your doctor and see what he says. If you are allergic to all over the counter pain meds, you would naturally be allergic to vicodin as that contains the same substance as Tylenol.

Discuss this with your doctor, you may be able to take plain opiates as they are completely unrelated to OTC meds like tylenol and NSAIDs used for pain and fever. You may want to have allergy testing first, or at least take the first few doses with someone nearby, just to be on the safe side.

Treating fevers with an ice bath is a very old and kind of outdated treatment for most fevers. An icey, cold bath will shut down the peripheral vascular system, and actually prevent the hot core blood from getting near the surface and cooling down, then recirculating inside the body to cool the rest of it down. We were taught in nursing school to use lukewarm water, lower in temp than the body's temp, but not much lower. That way you avoided closing down the skin's vascular system and also avoid shivers which may increase the body's temperature.

Take care, Annette
davedsel57 responded:
Hello, Rachel.

I can understand as I am also allergic to almost all pain medications, bot OTC and prescription. Annette has given you her usual excellent advice. As my signature says, click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story and see what pain management methods are working for me.
Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story. Blessings, Dave

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