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Nucynta is VERY Overstimulating for Me!
An_239867 posted:
I have a chronic back situation. I was prescribed Nucynta by a neurologist. I was supposed to take only 50mgs two times a day. I was in such pain, (and still am), that I took a total of 200mgs! BIG MISTAKE!

I now have intense burning in my lower back and am incredibly agitated, tense, and anxious.

I read that Nucynta activates epinephrine or produces adrenaline. Does anyone know if this is true?

I tell you, I feel like I could climb the walls, tear out my hair, and/or jump out of my skin!

I, also, can barely think or type.

I so hope that the affects wear off soon! The sensations that I am having are bizarre.

Please reply and let me know if you have had similar reactions to this medication.

Thank you!


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davedsel57 responded:
You really need to contact your doctor. Posting a poll on an internet message board will not get you the answers you need. Everyone is an individual and reacts differently to medication.

Please call your doctor asap or go to a hospital emergency room if you are still having these symptoms.
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TwoDimes replied to davedsel57's response:
Very good information/input, Dave.

My plan is to NOT use any more Nucynta.

Thank you for your response.

MsThang928 responded:
I had the same problem with Nucynta. At lower doses, it did not work but after the dose was increased, I experienced the same overstimulation. I was anxious, aggitated and my heart was racing. I was afraid because it made me so hyper. Needless to say, I have never taken it again!!
TwoDimes replied to MsThang928's response:
Thank you, so very much, MVB!

You response was just what I needed. I needed validation. You confirmed that I was not just thinking that the over-stimulation was caused from Nuycnta; rather, it was, indeed, the Nucynta. It was ONLY when I took a higher dose that I had this experience. Like you, I will NEVER take this medication again!

Again, I thank you!


Cleo130 responded:
I too have a chronic back problem, but was given nucynta by my urologist. When I first took it I did feel some minor overstimulation, but then my system began to adjust, and it was working beautifully. I took the 100mg dose (not ER) and it helped very much for breakthrough pain to complement the Avinza 60mg I take mainly for Interstital Cystisis. Unfortunately the pain doc would not add the nucynta for breakthrough pain so I'm back to tramadol 50mg 1 per 2 daily..and it does nothing for me. A also have Fibro and IBS, but the pain from my neck and back precludes all these other conditions. Back to the back issue, I am seeing a new pain doc that is seriously working on my back issues...have had x-rays, and MRI is scheduled and he has done 1 round of 4 injectiobs in my back. I will talk with him about getting nucynta for breakthrough, since I will NOT be seeing my former pain doc. He told me he was a provider for my insurance and he is not, so so far I've paid him $200 out of an empty pocket..ha,ha!!

Hope all are well!
TwoDimes replied to Cleo130's response:
Thanks for you response!

I wish you all the best.

It sound like you have to deal with TOO much pain, for which I am truly sorry.

I am glad Nucynta works for you!

I hope that the new doc accepts your insurance!

In pain as we speak! Can't even take Dilaudid! I tried it yesterday, (4mgs), and I blacked out two times!

I am super-sensitive to medications. Blah!

I wish you all the best.


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