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Horrible Pain Please Help ME!
BeautifulBuffalo posted:
I am in severe Knee pain. I've had many surgeries. I need a full knee replacement but my Dr. isn't ready to do the surgery yet. So in the meantime I suffer. I'm ready for a second opinion. Pain is so severe. My knee is very weak and my knee cap doesn't move very well. Does anybody know of any exercises to strengthen my knee. Does anybody know of some medication to take away some of the pain.

I've heard of this medication creme called Neuragen, has anybody heard of it.

annette030 responded:
I would get a second opinion with an orthopedic specialist who does large joint replacements as his main thing, hips and knees. He or your present orthopedic doctor could refer you to PT for strengthening exercises.

You might also ask for a referral to a pain management doctor to help you control your pain while you wait for surgery.

How old are you? What is the cause of your knee problems? Would seeing a rheumatologist be useful?

Take care, Annette
_swank_ responded:
Your doctor is not the one that should be telling you when you're ready for a knee replacement. That decision should be yours. He has no idea what kind of pain you're dealing with.

That being said, get another opinion or two or three. You should always get several opinions when contemplating major surgery anyway.
soup1974 responded:
scince no one else answerd your ? i will( happens alot here )
no i havent ever heard of Neuragen you can look at all types of meds on this site give it a try maybe ya can find a list to bring your doc and ask him to try one sounds like ya need something for now peace out Dj soup

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