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Frozen Shoulder - Pain is unbearable!!
An_241065 posted:
My pain started about 4 months ago, 1st a dull ache in my shoulder and arm, then it gradually got worse, because of my cardiac issues (heart attack & stint put in 10yrs ago) I thought maybe this was the problem,the signs were the same but different. Over the past 4months I have had the following tests, stress test, MRI, nuclear MRI, vertical MRI, xrays, blood tests, EKG's, you name it I had it, my heart & arteries checked out ok, it all goes back to the Orthopedic Dr. telling me I have a frozen shoulder!! Physical therapy didn't help, i'm not taking any type of drugs for this, just my usual heart meds. I do my exersizes and band work but the night is the worst, i get maybe 2-3 hrs a night. I'm worn out. What I want to know from anyone afflicted with this, my pain not only is in my shoulder, arm it also goes from over my left breast , straight accross to my side. I just can't believe the pain is this bad, I didn't knowingly hurt myself so it is more unbelievable. Any feedback woould be greatly appreciated.
I'm a male 57 years old.
annette030 responded:
What does your orthopedic doctor suggest for you to do? I assume you have seen him and told him that you are doing your exercises, but not getting any sleep at night.

Take care, Annette
billyf27 responded:
Both of my shoulders are frozen and I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. You should get an EMG which may or may not show it. Here is more info:
_swank_ responded:
Frozen shoulders just happen and doctors don't really know why. My doctor just treats with pain meds since there's not a whole lot that can be done that's non-surgical. The only good news is that it goes away on it's own eventually.
billyf27 replied to _swank_'s response:
Unless there is nerve damage like mine. I had for 4 years now.

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