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Chronic pain and mental illness
mazzarisi posted:
How does one cope with a double whammy of bipolar depression,PTSD, COUPLED WITH SPINAL STENOSIS fusions l4l5 I believe all this intensifies my condition Can someone share their experiences with similiar circumstance mazzarisi
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mazzarisi,

I know you're not the only one on WebMD who has to deal with both Bipolar and a pain condition and often more.

While you're waiting for responses here, try also posting about this aspect on our Bipolar Community .
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redpirate responded:
I understand completely, I also have bi polar (type 2), PTSD, OCD, and a variety of other issues. Chronic pain can make you so grochy and impact the quality of you life so completely. It really stinks. Have you found a medication for your bi polar that works yet? Start there, I did. I have taken so many it's not funny. Partailly because the Docs misdiagnosed my problem as being only chronic depression (who wouldn't be chronicly depressed having to deal with that kind of pain?) Don't give up!!! It is vital that you continue to attempt to get relief on whatever front that you can. I have had several Doctors reccomend spinal fusion for my Chronic low and cervical spinal pain. I refused this treatment, because they couldn't be sure it would work. That made it not worth it to me. I'm 50 and I have been dealing with this since I was 15. At this time, I an just suffering with it. I have put off turning to pain meds, cuz, gads that's another slippery slope. And even though I don't have a history of addiction, I have not wanted to risk it. I am now trying to get my SSI and have all but retired. Don't give up. If the Doctor you are seeing isn't helping, go see another! Doctor's opinions are much the same as anyone else's. They vary. Keep trying, have courage and know there are others who understand. Best of luck!

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