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Reducing Chronic Pain - Share Your Tips
Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
Check out this WebMD slideshow:

10 Daily Habits to Reduce Your Chronic Pain

Which ones do you do and are most helpful to you? Which ones would you like to start doing this year? Which ones have you tried and found didn't help you at all?

And share your own strategies that work for you; you may inspire others.
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Wavy1967 responded:
I am in chronic pain in the neck, shoulder and side, one thing that has helped is exercise, I walk 10,000 steps a day and when walking it helps with the pain!
jankearney123 replied to Wavy1967's response:
I have two tens units. One for my back the other for my knees. I also try to get up and move around as much as i can. do my back and knee exercises and shoulder exercises every other day and ice. heat and do water exercises. I can walk some but because i'm so heavy i struggle with this. its worth it tho because after you get off your feet and you ice everything i find i feel better. its just going thru the pain in the beginning. I just discovered this over the weekend.
annette030 replied to jankearney123's response:
Get your doctor's opinion before starting any exercise, even walking if you haven't done it for awhile.

I do agree with you though, I have been belly dancing at home in front of the TV for a couple of years now, and I have been slowly losing weight, and I do feel much better. I still have the same chronic pain issues, but over all, I do feel better.

Take care, Annette
burningisis responded:
Meditation and visualization really do help me. Stress for me is a common trigger of higher pain levels for me so keeping myself calm on a daily basis obviously is challenging. But meditation really does help.

Exercise, if it is an on my feet exercise, I cannot do it without aggrivating things. The more time I spend on my feet, I'll be paying for it and not in the good way

Having a support network always helps. Feeling like you're not alone, like you're not going crazy from the pain, that people are there who understand you. Be that family, friends, or an internet support site like WebMD. It definitely makes you feel less alone with your pain.

Distractions also help. Be those distractions reading, cooking, or other activities you enjoy. Again I think that stress reduction is so very important to treating chronic pain.

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