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glid06 posted:
was wondering if anyone here has crps , I do and am having a terrible time with pain management . How does anyone cope its in my right foot
k_lana responded:
I do. I have it in my left leg, started with only my right foot/ankle and spread after a surgery for osteomyelitis (bone infection).

They key is to find a good pain management dr. I also have a great physical therapist who has helped to coordinate things between my orthopedic surgeon and my pm dr. )I just had an ankle replacement).

THere are good days and there are very bad days. I take one day at a time. For me, my faith gets me through the really rough times.

Do you have a good pm dr.?
glid06 replied to k_lana's response:
lost my job looking for another but now i have no insurance so i can't see my doctor , i am in pain and eat tylenol like canand my therapist discharged me when i told him i lost my job
annette030 replied to glid06's response:
That is the way medical care works here in the US, it sucks. Is there any chance of getting COBRA coverage?? I know it is very expensive.

Check out free/low cost clinics in your area.

Take care, Annette
stilltrying12 replied to glid06's response:
I understand, I have lived with chroic pain for over 12 years. I have great doctors which took time to find.
Please stop the tylenol you are going to ruin your kidney and liver. Then you will be in so much more pain and could cost you your life. I don't know where you live my brother in Colo was put on indergent insurance they also have that in Nevada. Call the health dept and ask for help and imformation. I live on heated blankets, heating pad and keep myself warm. Some say being cold is better. Its sad when the trerapist did that. Its clear what he is in it for. Go talk to Social Services. You might apply for SSI. use the phone don't go to each place. Some of them you have to make appointments. You can also go to Salvation Army they have many programs to help. Thats why I donate to them. They spend the money on people not new buildings like Red Cross. I wish you have sucess. GBU
stilltrying12 replied to annette030's response:
Hi. First of I do not work in health care I have insurance and am thankful for it but it is still very hard to come up with the 20%
We have to think of the doctors also. They are also having a hard time. The people that were under their care stopped coming in. Many are using the ER for a doctor.
When I go to my appointments the waiting room is so empty. The doctor has to pay the bills and the staff. The building or rent and supplies. So many don't think of that. The medical care in the U.S. is far better than any other country. But if we get what Obama wants we are not to be cared for and our health care will go out the window. I have one brother who drives truck for a living and many days can't work there is nothing to haul. He cannot afford anything more but in this health care they want he has to buy medical insurance. or be punished. Many countrys who have the medical also lost all their rights. We better fight this. anyway I know so many doctors are going to walk away and do something else. . Try social service they know of programs that might help.
David Maine, MD responded:
There are a number of great support groups. I would recommend .
They have great resources. Please know that there are a number of treatment options available and most of the time we can get control of this syndrome. Hang in there. Let us know if you have any other questions.
annette030 replied to stilltrying12's response:
Sorry, I was replying to glid06 who stated he/she lost his job and has no health insurance.

This is a medical not political thing. I have worked in hospitals and volunteered at free/low cost medical clinics. You are right that the US has great health care if you can afford it, but unfortunately we have lousy access to that health care for folks who cannot afford it. I don't agree with Obama's medical care plan either. I think the best thing it to get rid of ALL insurance companies and let health care be handled by a system that is run by the government. Taxes would pay for it, like in other countries with universal care.

For some folks there are no "programs" to save them, they might make a bit too much cash to get Medicaid.

Take care, Annette

Take care, Annette

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