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any advice is welcome!!
Kas99 posted:
Hello to all!Ive become a new member to this community hoping to receive and give advice and empathy to people like me who must live day in/out with moderate to severe chronic pain.I would REALLY appreciate any advice/suggestions to an issue i'm having.I'm trying to find a comparable subsituition for roxicodone.The medication is obsolete where i live.Ive been taking roxicodone with either ms contin or duragesic pathces for 6 years and now i am unable to continue this treatment due to availalability.What would be a good replacement (for the roxicodone) medication to be taken in addition to an extended release medication?(F.Y.I.-My stomach cannot handle the acetemetiphen in percocet.)
annette030 responded:
Just let your doctor know and tell him you are having a problem with availability. A pharmacist may also be useful.

I take generic oxycodone in 5 mg. pills, works fine for me, and the 5 mg. is available where I live. The pharmacist just wrote on the label how many to take. There is also immediate release morphine, and other meds also.

Take care, Annette
David Maine, MD responded:
There are a number of immediate release medications that can be used for chronic pain. I would discuss this with your prescribing doctor. You should be able to find an alternative that provides effective relief. Roxicodone (made by Xanodyne pharmaceuticals) is a name brand for oxycodone. You should be able to get a generic of this as well. Good luck.

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