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Pain Management urine test
meangranny posted:
My husband goes to pain mangement for back pain he has been taking opana er 10mg twice daily and two opana 10mg for break through at work that's around 160 pills a month. He had his first drug test last month it came back negative he was told not to worry. Yesterday he had his second test it came back negative and they treated him like a criminal. We were shocked I know he takes them he couldn't work if he didn't take them. We went today to an independent lab and had a urine test, then we tried to get a blood test but was told that a doctor's slip. What test can be performed , how could this happen? I've seen other postings of people that have had the same problem but not how they sloved it. I'm not very good at posting and I hope some one is out there that has a answer. Thanks
annette030 responded:
Taking blood is considered an invasive procedure so they want a doctor's order to do it. Just ask your doctor to write one for you.

Meanwhile talk to the lab that does the test and ask them what might cause it to come back negative when he takes the meds as ordered? Is it metabolized and broken down into something else that shows on the test?

Talk to his doctor with him and ask what is going on, if the doctor is not worried, ignore the staff. But do tell the doctor that the staff has been treating him differently, if you feel they have.

Take care, Annette
David Maine, MD responded:
Urine tetsing can either be done as a "dip" in the office or be sent out where a more accurate and quantitative test can be done call GCMS. In the office testing is qualitative (only detects prescence of drug and not absolute number of metabolite). Usually - the best method is a combination of both. The first step is to find out what kind of testing was done. If only in office - I would request the sample be sent out. If it was sent out then hopefully your doctor can speak to the outside toxicologist to verify results. I hope that helps. Good luck.

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