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Is the Doctor Uncaring or just covering herself?
reaperkc posted:
I was trying a new approach in my medication. Iwas taking 180 Lortabs 10/325mg. a month,60 MScontin 15mg. I asked my doctor to put me back on Endocet for 2 months thi wasn't working for the severe pain I am suffering. I attempeted on 3 occassions to get an apointment to NO avail to find another option. I was taking 2 percocets (instead of 1 every 6 hours) and 1 extra 15mg. MS a day and relieved some pain better. Well I ran out of meds! I still couldn't get an appointment. So I went to the ER treated fairly well and the ER Dr. called my Doctor and she agreed to see me immediately. Went to her office, waited 3 1/2 hours then the nure had me sign a new pain Mgt. Contract after I signed it the nurse said my Doctor wouldn't see me. I went home and later the early next morning (1:30 Am) the miseries of witdrawal became severe I went back to the ER. The Doctor wrote me a presc. for Percocet 5/325mg. (15). And told me to get an appt. I tried and the secretary said the doctor refused to see me till Friday on my scheduled appointment day! Now I am out again and what do I do? there are no pain centers within 80-90 miles she is the only Pain in our rural area. I have multiple helth problems as listed:
Heart problems, HTN, PTSD,OA, L5 - S1 spine deterioration, Diabetes, Chronic pain. I worked as a Medic (How I got hurt), CSI, and other "Govt." work. I need help finding what to do. Surgery is out they say if I do I could be paralyzed ord die. I am not a street addict but I cannot function without meds and the pain is unbearable

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davedsel57 responded:
Unfortunately, it is against the rules to recommend doctors or even to mention their names or medical facilities in posts.

There is a link under the search bar above to search for Doctors.
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TDXSP08 responded:
would not be surprised at all if on your appointment the doctor drops you as a patient, most Pain Management contracts specify you will not get narcotics from another Doctor without their consent and you must use the same pharmacy all the time, and after your signing of the contract you did not say the E.D Doctor called your Pain Doc so you may have violated your contract. Just a Heads up in case something happens on your appointment so your not completely shocked.

i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
reaperkc replied to davedsel57's response:
Sorry about that Dave
reaperkc replied to TDXSP08's response:
But she lied in the first place to the ED Doctor the first. I wasn't under contract but even before I ran out I tried to get in to see her before I ran out.
ctbeth replied to reaperkc's response:
if you had taken your meds EXACTLY as ordered, then you wouldn't have run out early.

not only can this behavior cause legal ramifications to your MD, it can KILL you.

if you - if any of us- take our meds differently than ordered, we should plan of losing the privilege of having opioid meds prescribed.

if your MD does not dismiss you, thank your lucky stars and take your meds as ordered.

of course you ran out of meds! you were taking twice the percocet your MD ordered for you!
ctbeth replied to ctbeth's response:
why do you think you could be paralyzed or die from surgery? if your area of problem is L5-S1, you do not have spinal cord in that area of your vertebral column, so there's be no cord to injure. since paralysis is spinal cord injury, how do you think this could occur if your cord is not there?

did a doctor REALLY tell you that? if so, perhaps you can ask why he/she thinks you could be paralyzed from an L5-S1 degenerative disc disease.
Anon_160307 replied to ctbeth's response:
I agree with Bet. You should never take more than prescribed. If the current dosage isn't covering your pain, it is your responsibility to discuss this with your doctor and let him/her decide what to do.

The ER is no place for chronic pain management due to running out of meds early.

Most pain doctors write in the contract that you cannot get pain medication from any other physician...doing so would violate the contract and you could be dismissed from pain management.

If you are blessed to not be dismissed hopefuly you will take your medications as prescribed for now on. Otherwise, continued non-compliance can not only get you dismissed from pain management but it can also put a red flag on your medical record for abuse of opioid medication. Abusing opioid medications includes taking them in any other way other than as prescribed by your physician. This will make it very hard for you to get pain management through opioid medications from any other doctor as they will be able to see that you had non-compliance issues in the past.

Chronic pain is tough but we must play by the rules. Otherwise, one can end up with nothing at all versus something even though it wasn't very effective. It may be wise to search for a new doctor now as she now knows that you are running out of your meds early as you have been going to the ER to get more pain meds. She most likely won't increase your meds given the recent non-compliance. The sad part is your doctor might have seriously considered increasing your meds if you would have talked to her first before modifying the dosages yourself and running out early.

I really hope all turns out okay and you are still able to get your medications.
annette030 responded:
How are you doing today? What did you decide to do? What did your doctor decide when you saw him Friday?

Let him know that you tried to make an appt. and ask him what to do in the future if the need arises again. Put it in your contract if you feel it necessary.

Most doctors have some kind of back up plan. My doctor keeps a couple of appts. open each day for emergencies, first come first serve, but I have always been able to get in within 24-48 hours anyway. My husband's doctor lets patients call at 7am for a limited number of appts. for emergencies. As long as we are calling at exactly 7 am, we have gotten in to see him. So far so good.

I have found it is better to have a plan and not need it, than need it and not have one.

Take care, Annette
tuloud54 replied to annette030's response:
So,So sorry for your dilemma. I've been on pain management since 2007 so I get why you did what you did. I myself had a fentanyl patch that would not work. Called my doctor, then the pharmacy and finally the mfg. All said there was nothing they could do. The patch was obviously not used but no one cared. They usually work like clocks but when they don't,no one cared. Long story short I had to go to the er. They gave me a shot of dilaudid and script for 20 pills till my dr appt 2 days away. Doctor told me since I violated the contract, He was no longer my dr. I've never abused any of my meds but do understand the microscope drs are under. Have a new dr who sees my record and felt bad that after 4 plus years I wasn't given the benefit of the doubt but it is the law. Frustrating to be in so much pain that death sometimes would be welcome. You cannot give up. Keep searching and make it your job to get a dr that will work with you. I've never taken 1 pill more then I was suppose too, That is never ok. Hang in there.

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