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getting nervous about pm appt tomorrow!
Lauralizzie01 posted:
my first ever pain management appt is tomorrow, and am i getting nervous! i have all my ldn info together, my pain journal and various stuff ive printedall together. im just getting nervous... his reviews arent great but the dr i want to see cant get me in till may 30! so i will try him and see what we think!
annette030 responded:
It sounds like you are ready to me, I would also suggest you take someone with you to the appt. to go in the exam room with you, not wait in the waiting room. Have this person take pen and paper notes of what the doctor offers you in the form of treatments, drugs, etc.

Do not feel rushed to make any decisions about treatment right then. Unless you are in the midst of an emergency you should be free to go home, research it, think about it, and discuss it with your family/friends/etc. THEN make any follow up appts. necessary.

Take care, Annette
thisisunbelievable responded:
how did your first apt. go? Was it ok? Did the dr. llisten to youo with all you had to say? Remember, if this is not the dr that you wanted to see you can still go to him just make sure you cancel with that dr before you sign on with a new one especially if they give you meds. Take care~
thisisunbelievable responded:
Hi Lauralizzie howdid your dr apt go? Did you get through it all? Just checking in with you and hope all is going good for you and feeling better~
Lauralizzie01 replied to thisisunbelievable's response:
lol sorry, forgot i even posted this. it went well, apparently he doesnt believe in fibromyalgiaa, feels it is a non-inflamatory arthritis (?!) whatever that is, but put me back on savella, weaning me off tramadol for now, as ive been on it for 5 years and started me on norco. He really pushed excersize, which i just kinda blew off as I excersize as much as Ican now, walking everyday, streatching farther each time. so whatev. but all in all it went okay, he treated me respectfully, answered my questions and explained his reasonings so
thisisunbelievable replied to Lauralizzie01's response:
Hi,,,i'm glad that you are better! How does the Sevella do for you. When I was on Tramodol, I liked it for pain at the time. I thought it was the best medication in the world. It gave me energy and made me feel so much better. I am now taking stronger medication due to my insurance co notcovering it years ago. There is such a condition (fibromyalgia). The condition doesn't cause swelling but pain. An all over pain which they are now saying is caused by a traumatic experience either physical or mental that happened and the body never came back or recovered from it, so to speak. I can believe it because I have had so much stress and illness in the past. I think it's sort of like when we get tensed up all the time and the muscels get so sore and tired of being cramped they stay like that. (my rendition) Is there a reason why he wants to wean you off of Tramadol? Isn't Savella the same medication only in a differen form maybe stronger? Good that you can excercise good for you! It's hard to do anything when in pain. Glad it all turned out ok since you were very worried. Please keep in touch~

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