Lauralizzie01 posted:
so apparently this er version of hydrocodone will be available by 2013! thoughts? im pretty interested, hydro works well for me, id love to try an extended release version! only negative thought is that vicoden seems to be shrugged off as not as addictive/dangerous as oxycodone and this would be as bad if abused. but for those of us with real pain it could be awesome!
annette030 responded:
If anyone has any real, evidence-based, medical studies that show that a particular opiate is more addictive than others, I would be really interested in reading them.

The last time I did a search and looked, all the opiates were about the same in addictive qualities and other side effects according to studies done on them. There were not a whole lot of studies done.

If the ER version of this hydrocodone is made so that it cannot be easily abused, then I doubt that it is any different in its addictive qualities than other long acting opiates that are already available.

Any new formula can be a good thing to have as a tool for chronic pain treatment. Please keep in mind that addiction only happens in about 1% of those who use opiates per their doctors instructions (not counting illegal use). It is a small but important side effect.

Take care, Annette