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Facet Injections...worth it or not?
jayyvicious posted:
I have had severe back pain for a few years now, and just recently started at a Pain Management clinic. My MRI revealed Facet Arthrosis in the 3 lowest vertebrae, as well as mild skeletal stinosis (not sure exactly where), and an increased amount of Degenerative Arthritis from the lower back/hip area to about halfway up my spine. My doctor would like to proceed with injections in the facets and I'm just curious if anyone has had a case similar to mine and had the injections done? any input? Im also 23 going on 24...why is all of this happening at such a young age?? Miserable here...

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davedsel57 responded:
Hello and welcome.

Everyone reacts differently to any type of treatment or medication. My wife had facet block injections in February of this year for a lower back work injury and did have significant relief for about a month, and her pain levels are still not what they were prior to the injections. The steroids did cause her blood pressure to soar and she had to go on medication. Her pain management specialist will be doing another set of facet block injections soon using a non-steroid analgesic this time.

The only thing you can do is try. Many people come to this Pain Management Community and the Back Pain Community on WebMD to discuss this type of procedure. Results vary and are unique to each patient. Others here may know what the overall success rate is for the injections.

I pray you can find relief soon.
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jayyvicious replied to davedsel57's response:
This makes complete sense. All I really can do is try and see how it pans out for me. Thank you so much for your time and response. God Bless
cweinbl responded:
While the risk of nerve root impingement is low, so is the overall long term success rate (it's about 60%). Read about all of the latest spine-related interventions here:;12;699-802.pdf . My facet rhyzotomy was agony and the pain remianed at an increased level for my lifetime (so far, it's been about 20 years). However, you can also have a Facet injection, which might be what you mean. I tried that and had no improvement at all. Good luck.
ctbeth replied to cweinbl's response:
We all have to make our own decision regarding the approx 60% success rate.

To me, the facet injections were not a terrribly-painful experience. They didn't work, but it was worth trying.

Rhizotomies were also a very painful procedure for me. I do not recall getting much relief.

Personally, and this is a very individual thing,a 60% success rate is something I'd be willing.

I was told 50-50 for my second (non-emergent) fusion. I ended up in the 50% for whom it didn't help.

I was also told 50-50 for the spinal cord stimulator. I ended up in the 50% for whom it helped tremendously.

At the end of the day, each of us has to decide.

Take care,


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