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    apes19 posted:
    I have been living with many different chronic pain issues for quite awhile now without ever really getting a firm diagnosis as to what is wrong from any of the many doctors that I have been to or without getting any help or treatment for the problems as well!I have always had insurance and been able to afford these doctor visits but have now found myself unemployed and uninsured which has resulted in my inability to go to any doctor,especially any specialist.I am in agony and when I am going through these bouts of terrible pain I suffer terribly from insomnia.I did not sleep for 6 days last week,then slept for 1 night for about 5 hours and now I'm going on 2 days of no sleep again which along with the pain is making me go crazy!!Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do,any medications I can try,anywhere that I can turn for help??I am desperate and at my ropes end!!Many doctors that I have seen in the past make me feel as if I am making this all up but I'm not and I need help!!Thanks for listening!!
    Dot2Dot2Dot responded:
    You don't say where you live so this is tricky to answer.Try to find a Mental Health Community in your area called Clubhouses and be connected with a Case Manager. This is a free service and they may (& I do have to say "may") be able to connect you to County Services including Medical Assistance and get you insured.
    I'm assuming you had been seeing a Pain Management specialist or Rheumatologist prior to becoming unemployed. If so, they should be able to set you up on a pay as you can and provide you with samples. Don't be afraid to talk to your previous providers. One of the worst things possible to go off your medications because your body is going to flare even worse after having been controlled.
    In my area, Minneapolis, MN there is a place called Pathways for people going through critical health situations including family members. It has professionals from every possible complementary care (every kind of massage, therapists, individual & groups ) that VOLUNTEER their time so it's free to use.
    Try Ice packs 30 min MAX. Ice helps to decrease blood flow to the muscles & nerves which helps quiet them VS warm which increases blood & increases inflammation.
    Check out Facebook for support groups. I am co-leader of both a virtual & live support grp - Try Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia (lots of overlap with symptoms but great resources from members.
    Courage Center,Golden Valley Fibromyalgia Support Group is on Facebook!groups/71371164865/
    Also, make an outline of a body front & back, keep daily records by marking areas of pain, describe the level of pain, feeling/sensations, what triggered it, what decreased it if any and any other symptoms I used a 3ring binder & made copies of a body from the web, started from whatever time I woke up until I go to bed & then some. I used 3 different colors, red ink =night, blue=day, black =evening(used nursing timing Midnight to 7A, 7A-3P, 3P-Mid. add in meds (try Percogesic OTC uses Magnesium instead of Aspirin. Depending on $ use Vit D at least 5,000IU/day -helps with pain & depression, Calcium Citrate(not Carbonate)with Mg,& Zinc 500-600mg 3Xday-helps the muscles, Fish Oil- Omega 1200mg 3X daily. Nature Made is a very good product often BOGOfree plus have a points counter on their website to get $7 coupon with so many points. Show these to your doctor -they can't argue with facts which are better than trying to recall and tell the doctor everything & it's usually not very coherent from my experience.
    Contact Now a Social Security disability attorney & start the paperwork for SSDI. there is no upfront charges & the Fed gov't limits how much they can charge only if you get SSDI. Note: you do not need to be SSDI to live in Handicapped/Elderly housing as long as a doctor writes you are disabled (doesn't even have to go into detail).
    If you go to the Courage Center website I can watch for your name & give you more info. But even if you can't sleep, stay in bed, rest can be helpful even if you don't sleep, use a sleep mask to block any light (can make your own or get one for cheap at a dollar store. Call 211-United Way or Disability Linkage Line 1-866-333-2466, or try .Call your city for a list of resources for the disabled with no/limited income and free/low income Medical clinics. All drug comp. have pt assistance programs.
    Hopefully something here can help. There is a LOT of resources, I've found most of them over the last 10 years plus had a head start with my career in Rehab then Long Term Care. Don't feel humiliated to use these resources, you've been paying taxes to support all these programs-it's your turn. Be proud, be courageous and know you are not alone, ever.
    apes19 replied to Dot2Dot2Dot's response:
    thank you so much for your is all just so overwhelming!A big part of the problem is that I am now living in Great Falls,MT but I was previously living in Bismarck,ND(for over 20 years)so I no longer have any of my old doctors of medical providers to turn to and am unfamiliar with any services provided here.I have tried to do research on low in come options but have not been very successful.They have a low income clinic here that is based on income but it is at least a six month wait and I was told that they do not reallt treat any chronic pain conditions.There is a mental health agency here but they are not income based.I have been keeping records of my symptoms,as I am used to this and have been dealing with it for many years but they are not as detailed and good as the ones that you described so I will try out your suggestions.I have been told or diagnosed with Fibromyalgia,Endometriosis, chronic migraines,and TMJ which often causes my jaw to lock up or click and throb terribly!I will take all of your suggestions and try them.I do already know that there is only the one low/no income clinic in this town and that they do not andand are not available to help.Thank you for all of your help.

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