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I'm new here and want to say hi
HelloTNOM posted:
Hi Everybody,

I'm a new member and was drawn to this site because I see some ppeople that are in the same boat that I was. In 2008 I had a very severe episode pain take over my body and crippled me for 3 years. In the first 6 months I went through diagnostic after diagnostic. And then I realized my body was experiencing the pain directly through my thoughts. One night I was having horrible back pain and decided to try some visualization. This may sound odd for some of you but I wanted to create a back spasm to counter act the sharp shooting sensation I was having in my body. After much concentration I felt a spasm in my back which made me reaize how much power the mind has over the body. I then started to utilize certain mind techniques that did away with all the major pain for good. Anyway, I can walk normal again and have much more power over any pain that come through my body whether it be psychosomatic or not. My heart goes out to anybody that has been suffering with intense pain for sometime. It really puts a damper on a person's life when it is the primary focus. Anyway, I'm glad to be here and anxious to chat with some of you.
TDXSP08 responded:
Pain is a miserable experience (i'm not talking headache or hitting your funny bone) i'm talking the type of pain unrelieved that brings you to the edge of ending your life,and the return from that edge back to a "normal' LIFE ,which i honestly do not believe we ever return from totally an experience like that changes all of you permanently many of us have what brought us here in our profiles click on our avatars and you can read about the uniqueness of many of us.

i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
CaliforniaCruisin responded:
Welcome Tnom, I too am new & Wish I had the Physical or even mental abilities to control my pains like you do. Consider your self blessed. I'm in the same boat as TDX, going from a healthy, Active young adult to constant pain often makes me question my life, Support and caring individuals remind me there is always light at the end of a dark weary tunnel. Stay blessed friend.

Much love,
ctbeth responded:
Hello TNOM,

With the first six months having had "diagnostic after diagnostic", was any pathology found? What was the objective CAUSE of your pain?

Sadly, for me and many of us, the reason for our pain is serious and documented; it is NOT the kind of pain that can be adequately managed by visualisation and meditation.

While I, and most of us, use techniques for relaxation, and that can sometimes reduce spasm, chronic pain caused by pathology that is both subjective AND exhibits objective findings, is seldom able to do "away with all the major pain for good."

Amazing that you had pain that made you unable to walk and visualisation made you able to walk again and release most of the pain.

What was CAUSING your disability?
HelloTNOM replied to ctbeth's response:

Thank you for your response. The objective cause of my pain was a damaged ankle. I jumped up and over 6 steps and started having pain that night. The orthopedic doctor concluded that the snapping they found in the ankle ball/socket was weakend and was causing an imbalance of distribution of weight that was also causing pain to my knees. Then after that the shooting pains spread throughout my body. I don't disagree that some of you are in a position that you will carry your pain probably throught the rest of your lives. I just know that I had another incident that was non-psychosomatic in which I was able to apply these mind techniques to alleviate my pain. I was uusing things other than my mind to help heal myself. But for that 9 months I didn't use one aspirin. Also these techniques go beyond just relaxation and visiualization. All I can say is each to his or her own. My opinion is to stick to whatever you believe the most in to help yourself. Thanks again for your inquiry. Take care.

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