Hi Annette
nodisc posted:
Thought I'd update you regarding that shortage post. Well, called the pharm back last Tue. like the mgr/pharmacist said to. He put me on hold and went to the back office, he told me this. I asked, well what about the shortage, and he told me that he put 15 pills on the side for me, which was roughly the amount shorted. And by the way, you're shortage was bt meds, well mine was the long acting, like yourself, the meds that you didn't want shorted out. I didn't ask him what happened, but I knew I was right,someone on his staff isn't paying attention or------well, whatever, don't care, just glad that I got what was owed to me. He didn't have 10mg Opanas, can't and probably won't be able to get them, so called my doc and he switched it to Percosets 10/325. Don't think there as strong, guess we'll see. Right now I'm on Opana 2 40's and a 30 twice a day, we'll see how the Percs do for bt. Later, Mike
annette030 responded:
Hi, Mike

Glad the pharmacist worked things out for you. I hope the percoset works out for your pain. It is so confusing to try and adjust a shortage of long acting meds with short acting ones. There is an equation figuring the switchover to morphine in mgs. per a 24 hour day, then switching back to the oxycodone in percoset per a 24 hour day. I would not even attempt to go there. Very confusing.

Let me know how it all works out for you.

Take care, Annette