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severe pain from fracture in arm of elderly
deaconbots posted:
Is there any supplemental pain killers one can take with oxy-codone?

My 84 year old mom has a fractured arm due to massive bone loss. 4 hip surgeries and numerous other age related ailments have left her with a very limited movement and she has been taking vicodin every 4-5 hours for 20 years. No joke.

When I took her to ER with the fractured arm I informed ER staff of her resilience to pain killers and asked they give her dilodin right away. After 5 hours of 10/10 pain, morphine and other pain killers, they finally gave her one dose of dilodin. After another hour, two more doses until pain starting subsiding.

Now home with prescription oxy-codone every 4-5 hours. Tonight she is in extreme pain again even after she has taken the two meds.

Anything that can go with it to cut the pain? What if I was able to get more dilodin? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
annette030 responded:
Are you meaning to say Dilaudid? I can't find dilodin in my drug handbook.

Oxycodone is the usual drug that they follow vicodin with when it stops working well. Dilaudid is less used, and I would discuss this with her pcp or whatever doctor prescribes her medicines for her.

I hope no one here is going to suggest specific medicines for you to try, that would be a bad idea. Even over the counter meds have side effects, especially in older adults.

Call her own doctor.

Take care, Annette
David Maine, MD responded:
I am sorry to hear about your mother's struggle. There are a number of different medication that can be used. If the oxycodone is not working you should discuss with your prescribing doctor. The dose may be insufficient or she may simply be a "non-responder" and an alternative opioid may be required. There are a number of adjunctive medications (example - acetaminophen) that can also be used but should be done under the guidance of your doctor as well. I hope that helps.

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