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    please help
    An_246344 posted:
    am 25 years old ive had a miscarriage and been in 2 car accidents in the last year i was always the bread winner the go getter until my accidents i can barely walk im in constent pain i had an mri done after my first car accident and it showed bulging disc in my t11 and t12 ive been going threw physical therapy chiro and my doc will not give me a mri to see want the second accident did to me i went to see him today and he told me to metitate and all my pain will be gone he said i was depressed i agree anybody would be upset if they went from taking care of everything to not being able to take care of yourself ive been in pt for the last 3 months a few times a week he told me my body is barely getting better ive been on flexeral naproxen gabapeton robaxin tramadol vicoden percoset prozac caloyipen pretty much the whole pharmacy and the only thing that touched my neck hip n back pain was the percoset.i cant sleep im in some much pain that i get sick. if anybody has any advice that would help please im desprite. honestly im tired of wasting my time at the doctors it seems like they dont listen dont care.
    Anon_1421 responded:
    I am so sorry you are going through this-and sorry for your loss. I don't understand why the doctor wouldn't want to do a second mri since you had another accident that may have damaged you more! I'm sorry honey, but it sounds like your doctor is an idiot that isn't listening to you at all-and you need to find another doctor-I know, you are in awful pain, you're right, who wouldn't be depressed......and probably the last thing you feel like doing is finding another doctor, probably feel like just curling in a ball and bawling your eyes out in frustration and pain-but you need to find a decent doctor that listens to you. You need to find a doctor, make an appointment, and when you are in front of them, tell them you need a doctor that will listen, be compassionate, help you get better. And ask if they think they can be that person-if they brush you off, try to rush you, or treat you badly in any way, you don't want them for a doctor! Take someone with you-for support and maybe to speak up for you too. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. But you are going to have to find a doctor to help you and hopefully find out what all is wrong with you so they can come up with a full diagnosis and treatment plan that actually works. You didn't say if you had insurance, or what type of doctor you were seeing-maybe you need to see a spine surgeon and get their opinion, maybe they would order another mri. I just don't understand your current doctor's reasoning-you were in another accident that could have caused more injuries that need to be addressed-how can he provide effective treatment when he may not know all your injuries? Then again, you may not have further injuries, but the accident might have made the ones you got from the first accident worse; it is hard to tell without having a full picture of what is going on inside. You're right, some doctors don't care-don't give a damn, you are a number to them-but there are also doctors out there that aren't like that, that do care, that will try and help you-the trick is finding them. Up higher on this page, under the search bar there are 3 orange squares, the middle one says "Doctors"- that will help you look for doctors in your area. That is a place to start. But only when you are actually in the doctor's office, speaking with them, seeing how they treat you, will you have an idea of whether or not they are the doctor you are comfortable with, and the one that will be able to help you. I hope you find a decent compassionate doctor soon, and find the help and relief you deserve. Take care.
    gayleflamingo responded:
    I feel for you, it is so hard to be in pain and feel like no doctor will help. Take the advice of the previous writer. Keep looking for a doctor who will listen to you and then will proceed to find the exact problem that is causing your pain.

    Another option that really helped me is going to a pain doctor or pain clinic. They specialize in helping people who are in pain. The doctors are very experienced with people who are in pain. First you need to find a GP who will work you up to the point that you can be referred to a pain clinic.

    PLEASE don't give up hope, we care and there is a doctor out there who will listen to you. Please keep in touch.
    coconutandy responded:
    Hi, Why do you need your doctor to give you an mri? I am not sure the deal where you live but in florida many of the places have a doc on staff and will order the mri for you if you just pay cash which should be around 400 dollars.
    _swank_ responded:
    I'm a little confused by your post but it sounds like your 'doctor' is a chiropractor? If that's the case then he "can't" order an MRI because he's not a medical doctor. All chiropractors can do is order an x-ray. If that is indeed the case then run from there and go to a medical doctor, either a neurologist or orthopedic spine doctor.

    The only other reason to not order an MRI is if it won't change the treatment plan. That could also be the case. If nothing is going to change after the MRI then why waste the money? It won't change your pain.

    Regardless of what you do next there's one thing you need to understand. And that is, doctors can't always fix your pain. You may have to live with it in some form or another. That's where you will need a good pain management doctor. Look in the phone book under 'Physiatrist' (not Psychiatrist).
    meaningfulc1952 responded:
    I am sorry that you have had so many bad things happen to you. I do not understand why your dr. won't order another MRI if that is what you need to have. The comment that your dr. said about meditating and all your pain would go away is a bunch of crap! No one in pain can meditate and make a physical problem go away. I certainly have never heard of such a thing.

    Is your dr. still prescribing you pain meds? If he is then maybe you should try to keep taking them and look for another dr. If he isn't giving you anything for the pain, then I sure would find another dr. and especially a pain management dr. to help you. If you do find one, they are trained in treating pain much better than most other drs. Although, I have seen some pain mgt. drs. that were not my "cup of tea". I think that they all have different ideas and when treating a young person like you they might not be so helpful because they don't want you to get "hooked" on pain meds. That's the problem with some of these drs. They either will help you or they tell you to try other methods to treat your pain.

    I have been in your shoes as far as being the breadwinner and having the physical pain and other types of issues. It is extremely difficult and especially when you need your medical insurance. Are you still covered by insurance? That has a lot to do in order to get the best treatment you may need. The docs are always looking at that. Last time I saw my pain mgt. dr. he asked me if I still had the same medical insurance. I thought that was very odd that he would ask me that. I do have medical insurance thru my husband's employer and then I have Medicare for disability. This particular dr. does not file or accept Medicare even though it is my secondary insurance.

    Don't forget that these docs are all in this business for the money. I have never seen one of these pain mgt. drs. that that was not an issue. They want the money and maybe some of them really care, but I have yet to see that type of dr.

    I do understand how exhausting it is to have to go to the dr,. all of the time. It wears me out just going once a month to my pain mgt. dr. and then my neurologist for botox injections in my neck and it's a never ending list it seems.

    I hope that you find a better dr. and that things will improve for you. Don't give up. You are young and there are many other treatments and other drs. that will be of help to you in my opinion. It just takes time to find the right ones sometimes.

    Please let us know how you are doing and if something changes.
    Good luck,
    poohywinston responded:
    so i went back to the docs they tried pushing antidepressants i refused so he wants to try me on celebrex once again lol thank u everybody for the encouragment and help its nice to see there are genuine people who care needless to say i walked out and im looking for another doc i found a couple on here ill keep looking until i find somebody that looks at me as a person not a number i do have health insurance and i will keep you posted thank you again
    annette030 replied to poohywinston's response:
    Best of luck to you. I hope you find a doctor that fits well with your philosophy. It is not really hard to find one, just time consuming.

    Take care, Annette

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