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    chronic back pain/migraines
    knswindle4 posted:
    Hello, my name is Katie. I am a mommy of 2 beautiful children and in desparate need of help. I have had major migraines since I was a little girl, almost everyday I wake up I have a headache which most of the time turns into a migraine as the day goes on. On top of that, I just recently had my daughter in January, and while I was pregnant My back pain was most of the time unbearable. I sat on a heating pad most of my pregnancy, which didn't help my 2 year old son. My doctor said that since I was so little before I got pregnant, and the baby was on the bigger side, and I was gaining a ton of weight, that there was a chance that the pregnancy had caused me to have bulging discs in my lower back. I'd like to find out for sure if that's what is causing my pain, but I don't have any health insurance. I have had back pain since high school from a cheerleading injury as well. NOTHING I take OTC is even touching my pain, and even Ibuprofen 800mgs don't help. I have to take at least 1000+ mgs a dose for it to even ease my pain just a little. Does anyone have any advice for me? If anyone lives around Tuscaloosa, AL and knows a doctor or clinic that could maybe help me, PLEASE let me know!! It is starting to interfere with my daily life and the ability for me to take care of my children.
    Thanks, Katie
    annierules responded:
    Hey Katie,

    I feel so sorry for what you have been through... I'm not a doctor but I do think you need some doctors' support at this moment. You may want to check to talk with real doctors while staying at home, from which I always seek help. Hope this could help!
    meaningfulc1952 responded:
    Hi Katie,
    It sounds like you really need some help soon. Is there anyway you can afford to pay the dr.? If not, can you get some type of government assistance to help you for the time being? It is not a crime to have to ask for help if you don't have insurance. You really need a good dr. to help you. There many good prescription meds available to treat migraine headaches and if you could afford to get them it would be worth it. It sounds like you need some type of x-rays to see what is causing your back pain.

    I would encourage you to take some kind of action before it gets worse, because if it is as bad as it sounds you really need treatment of some kind.

    Let us know how you are. Please try to see a dr. and get on some type of treatment. If you had meds for your migraines you could take them and I have found putting an ice pack on my forehead helps me very much when I have migraines.

    Good luck to you.
    annette030 responded:
    Taking all that Ibuprofen for your back pain may be causing rebound headaches, they are also known as chronic daily headaches. A doctor can figure out the timing of your headaches and your ibuprofen dosing, to see if you have rebound headaches, but you need to keep a journal for awhile to show him. You should do that anyway, to determine triggers, etc. for both your back pain and headaches.

    There is really no way to determine WHY you have back pain, if it is from your pregnancy or from the cheer leading injury. It doesn't really matter why, but more is there anything you can do for it.

    Please follow the directions on the ibuprofen bottle for over the counter use, do not over use this med, it can be dangerous.

    Take care, Annette
    dfromspencer responded:
    Hey Katie, overuse of ibuprofen can lead to kidney, and stomache problems. Is there a free clinic where you live? You could try D.H.S.. Sign up for medicaid, its free. If you could afford to see a Dr., maybe you could be disabled? A disability check is not much, but at least you could be gauranteed medical care. If you go to a church, you might want to ask them for some help with your bills, or something? There is help out there, all you have to do is ask. I hope something here may help you? Dennis

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