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Pain in jaw and gums
USNST10 posted:
Hey all I have been having some odd pains in the left side of my jaw it feels like its in the corner and my gums and some teeth on the lower left side have been hurting as well..the 11th of this month had marked 1year since i had all four wisdom teeth out and the bottom and top left where they were taken out is sensitive and was wondering if all this is still healing and causing pain? and i have a bad habit of biting my nails and was wondering that could be stretching the muscles and contributing to the pain?
_swank_ responded:
It's really not possible for anyone to diagnose your problem over the internet. If you keep having problems then you will probably need to see a dentist.
An_245956 responded:
I had that problem also. Except I didn't have my wisdom teeth pulled. It's been to long since yours were pulled so I doubt that's the reason why. My dentist said many people have jaw pain that stems from grinding teeth or clenching during sleep. He offered me a bite guard. My point, go to the dentist. Swanky is right.
annette030 responded:
I would see the dentist as well. You may need xrays to see what is going on.

As far as biting your nails, try this trick if you want to quit. Only make one fingernail off limits for the first week, maybe the pinky fingernail on your right hand. The following week, add another fingernail to the off limits one, etc. etc. The doctor who told me about this trick said he had never had a patient who could not quit this way. He felt it made folks more aware of when they were biting their nails and that is half the battle as it is a habit that largely goes un-noticed.

I am an old RN, a former patient of mine only had jaw pain when he chewed gum, quitting gum chewing, made his pain gradually go away.

Take care, Annette
fx1974hdoo responded:
I am 60 yrs male I had 2 teeth pulled out one healed fine one wont heal my jaw hurts dentist said see a dr dr said see dentist ear nose throat clinic did surgery on my vocal cord cause I lost my voice my gland is swollen and hard almost all the time my ear aches right side clinic thinks its cancer cause I smoked my life the tooth was repaired and a sore throat appeared never to go away they took a biopsy ct scan was inconclusive they want me to go thru another better ct sanner.rearly at my witts end been to er three times always hurt me more total nitemare any idears

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