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Upper Right sided chest pain
An_246789 posted:
I have had chest pain on the upper right side of my chest under the breastbone. The pain occurs sometimes when I stand, but mainly occurs at times when I sit down in a chair, but strangely does not occur when I lay down on my bed on my side, stomach, or back. The pain does not ALWAYS occur throughout the day, however when the pain does occur, it does last for a good while. (Around 1-2 hours) Most of the time when I sit, it lasts the entire time I am sitting, and when I stand up, the pain will either go away or will keep occurring. The pain also occurs sometimes when I lean forward a bit in a chair and that is when it seems to get worse. It is a dull, achy kind of pain. It doesn't feel like anything is tearing or anything, it's only a dull and achy kind of pain. I couldn't pinpoint exactly where the pain occurs in the upper right side of my chest under my right breast. If it makes sense it seems like an underlying pain, I am saying it doesn't hurt at all on the outside of my chest, just the inside of my chest hurts. It is in the area of the right breastbone, but is not localized to the nipple. It doesn't hurt at all to press anywhere on the chest and I don't smoke, drink, or do anything else related to that. It's a pain that has been going on for several days now. There is/was no injury to the area, and everything looks normal on the outside. I have not gone to the doctor yet or had any X-rays or anything, but I do plan on going tomorrow. I am healthy. I am also slightly active, I don't play any contact sports or anything, I usually do a light jog every other day, but that's it. but i'm 80% certain that jogging didn't cause it, because I do nothing strenuous throughout the day. Another thing to note is that I do not have any shortness of breath or ever have any trouble breathing. Everything is normal with me besides this pain that I am having right now. Any ideas on what it could possibly be? There are a few more details about me and the pain and everything else below. Thanks.

When the pain started: About 6 days ago
Pain Description: (From Mild to Severe) - Moderate
Pain Scale: (How bad it hurts from 1-10) - 6 or 7
Pain Location: (Upper right breastbone, not localized to the nipple)

16 years old
143 Pounds
5ft. 10 In.

Medications I am currently taking:

Adderall XR 25MG - I have been taking this since age 11 and have never had any of the major side effects

Tylenol: Only take 2 every other day
davedsel57 responded:
I'm sorry, but providing any type of diagnosis or medical advice in any WebMD community is both impossible and against the rules. You need to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.
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