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in pain 247 iam only 25
nelly9492 posted:
Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have had migraines since i was 12 but for the past three years they have gotton worse the drs call them cluster migraines i get 2 to 3 a night in my sleepni have tryed everything preventive meds oxygen therpy and so much more...i also hurt my back 9 months ago i had a mri i have a few disc buldges and arthritis and so much more i have tryed all kids of meds and 10s unit nothing helps the drs will only give me 20 5 500 vicidon and they dont help... what do i do i cant sleep iam miserable allllll the time. iam in the denver area if anyone k.nows a good dr please let me know. god bless all of you.
TDXSP08 responded:
I do not remember his name but when i lived in Colorado Springs i saw a real awesome sleep pathologist who worked at Saint.Francis Hospital up on like the 10th floor i do not know if that was his private practice location or if he worked for the Hospital but a few phone calls down there you would be able to find him i'm sure, and he would be an expert in treating any disorders in sleep. I hope this helps you some!
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77grace responded:
Hi Tjhere Nelly9492,,
I can really empathize with you!!!I started having headaches when I was about 15 and they were realy bad too!Sometimes they would last up to 5 days!I would throw up too and just want to disapear!
I tried everything and vweery little helped!I even went to the emergency room for pain shots.Now I have beenin Menophase several years and they are much better!I still get them but Imatrex seems to help the most!!For sleep try herbal teas or supplaments.Valerian,Hops,Melatonin etc.
I gotta go now but will stay in touch!
Peter Abaci, MD responded:

Chronic pain problems like daily headaches and back pain are often challenging and complicated to treat because they can impact so much of our daily lives. That may include our mood, activities, work, relationships, sleep, and even others aspects of our general health.

Because of this, I find that a comprehensive approach, as opposed to relying on one particular treatment, to be a good strategy to take. When I treat patients, I like to take a whole person approach, as opposed to just focusing on an injured body part, because of the way pain affects so many areas in my patients' lives. That usually means working on both the physical and psychological factors to help patients become healthier, inside and out. One particular treatment or medication may not be enough to help you feel in control of the pain, as opposed to the other way around.

I would recommend working with doctors and other practitioners to get a team together that can help you learn many tools and techniques to better manage your headaches and pain. Medications alone may not provide the long-term results that you are looking for. Be aware that opioid pain medications like Vicodin can aggravate headache problems by leading to things like rebound headaches, and there may be better ways to approach this for you.

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