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    Leg Pain
    snuffthroostr_ posted:
    I couldn't find any other place to post my question and this was the closest topic.

    About 4 months ago a piece of equipment (300 lbs) fell on my leg (upper outter thigh)and left a huge dent. I went to the ER and x rays were done. Everything seemed fine. They said to walk on it, which is good since I walk for a living.

    A month and a half goes by and my leg is ok, not great. I finally asked to go back to the doctor (workers comp) and more x rays were done. All bones were fine, but the pain was getting worse. (leg pain, hip pain, knee pain) I was told to sit as much as possoble and only walk for short periods. Around this time there was a sharp pain like someone stabbed me and I thought I had ripped something.

    A month later I went to a new doctor. By now I was in physical therapy and the dent was lessening. My leg hurt and I was walking only when I had no other choice at work. (Which was enough to increase the pain)

    Now two months later, my leg is still hurting. My hip will get a severe ache which works its way into my lower back. Or my hip may feel like it is going to break. My knee hurts (probably from limping). My leg around the injury will feel bruised with no visual bruising or it will get severe needle sensations like someone stabbed me. There are occasional spasms. My foot and leg will get visibly more pale, they will feel much colder to the touch and my entire leg will swell as much as two inches more than my other leg. I can not find a comfortable position to rest my leg in. When my hip is aggrivating it will sometimes feel weak, like I am going to collapse. I have to "help" my leg up to sit with my legs crossed so I can tie my shoe!

    I know it can't be diagnosed here, but how do I make the doctors realize there is an actual problem? I am thinking nerve damage, but what if they won't look for it? It is a workers comp case and they work for the insurance agency and assume I am just wanting to get paid (the last doctor had a nurse who basically accused me of lying). I just want my leg back!

    Any advise, suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!
    peskypain responded:
    Sorry to hear of your pain issues...

    I would find an Orthopedic Dr. and hopefully they would move towards a MRI to see if there is any tendon or ligament damage and then go from there. It's amazing that you didn't have anything broken from such a heavy piece of equipment.

    And it's very possible that your hip and other issues are caused by months of not walking properly because of the pain. So I would figure out the main cause first and then once that is taken care of, see if you still have other issues when your gait and posture is back to normal.

    It sounds like nerve pain when you mention the stabbing part...Hopefully the right Dr. will put you on some nerve pain medication which works very well if the find this is the case.

    I don't know all the ins/outs about WC but I do know that makes things more difficult so hopefully others who have gone through something like this can offer some suggestions...

    Good luck.
    77grace responded:
    I agree,You canot get a diagoned here but you will get good imput!!!
    It sounds like nerve pain to me,the sharp needle like feelings you get!I relate because I have nerve pain also and expecialy latley its geen much worse,so I know how bad it can be!Maybe the cold feeling in your leg is curclation,I have thaat also,my feet will get Ice cold,I really think it is,you have alot of the symtoms!Swelling and color change too!
    Well,hopefully they will let you see a specialst,just don't give up!
    Blessings 77grace
    feelT2 responded:
    I just cringe when I read what you are experiencing!! I,also,have 24/7 nerve pain from waist down,in both legs,down to my toes.Polio is cause,I think.?Did they check you spine,at all?I'm sure when ? fell on you that you were thrown to the ground-with your body twisting,automatically,to get out of the way!A chiropractor,might be able to alleviate some of the pain!?But you need strong pain meds while they find the cause.You,probably,hve a lot of inflammation,still at the s.A natural anti-inflammatory is Fresh Pineapple(bromelain)you would hve to eat a lot of it,though.The swelling&skin turning white---could be a damaged(crushed vein or artery-just pjawqwartially) and maybe a bit of a clot or thickish blood in that area is hampering the blood flow down&return back up so you get swelling. Give you something to think about.Be well,soon.&
    annette030 responded:
    I would make an appt. and once you get there, refuse to leave without this being dealt with to your satisfaction.

    All joking (or not) aside, are you seeing the same doctor each time? That helps, do you see a doctor in between times or just on the occasions you mentioned?

    I am concerned about any skin changes you may have, from color changes to temperature changes, as these can be symptoms of RSD, and that can be serious. I would suggest you keep a symptom journal, write down measurements, color changes, etc. Take photos if you can, of both legs so the doctor can compare them. Pain scores, etc.

    Take care, Annette
    dfromspencer responded:
    I am not completely sure about this, or even where you live, but i do believe that you can also pick a different Dr., one of your own choosing? I would ask a W.C. rep. about this. Company W.C. Dr.'s are not going to try and help you 100%. Remember, they are paid by this comany's insurance. You need to find one of your own, and get to the bottom of this, it surely sounds like nerve damage to me. Don't delay, the longer you wait, the worse it will get!!!

    I really hope this helps with the W.C. question? Dennis
    snuffthroostr_ responded:
    I was sent to the same doctor twice...he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon whose idea of treatment was to let me sit for 6more weeks. Since I live in Florida I am allowed a one time change of doctor. It took the insurance company 8 weeks to get me a new appointment and the law says five days. They cancelled that appointment and found a doctor more suitable to them. I researched him and he is likely to say whatever the insurance company wants. And like I said, Florida so no pain management. Thanks for all of your responses, but I am probably screwed!
    feelT2 responded:
    I'm sorry to hear that you're not being helped &they keep pputting you off! When it gets so bad & you can't stand it aanymore-can you afford to go to Emergency? Get it properly ddiagnosed that way and force WC to do the right thing!In the meantime-the inflammation that I mentioned earlier-needs to be aaddressed. At a health food store,you can get capsules of Bromelain and turmeric(GOOD for pain &inflammation).Usually not 2 expensive.Cheaper still-get turmeric powder at health food store and take 1tsp in glass of water 3-4xs/day-just stir it in & get it down quick!!When your leg swells up-LIE on the floor and put your swollen leg up,on couch(or ?)so that your leg is above your heart!!!if couch has high arms,rest leg on arm-as long as your leg is higher than your heart.Swelling should go down &circulation improve.You should get some compression stockings to put on as soon as you get up in the morning-when your leg is at its normal size.This will stop the swelling and keeps the circulation working properly!!YOU should buy these at a store that sells canes,wheelchairs and other pharmaceutical items.The personel will be able to guide you & help pick the right compression & show you how best to put them on.Hope this helps you while you wait for WC to do their job! Take care!
    dfromspencer replied to snuffthroostr_'s response:
    I just hate to hear stories like this, about workmans comp.! I live in Iowa, and had slipped a disk at work. The people i worked for, and their W.C. helped me tremendously. I was very impressed! Unfortunately, they are not all the same.

    It sounds like you might have to see a lawyer? I hate to say it, but you ARE being screwed! Don't freak out! There are lawyers out there that will handle your claim on a percentage basis. No up front money. In my opinion, you should see one very soon.

    Good luck, and keep us informed, Dennis

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