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    Where are all these "Pain Management Doctors"?
    mpathia posted:
    Most doctors who call themselves "Pain Doctors" are full of cr#p. I have yet to find ANY in RI that do nothing besides give cortisone shots... WHERE ARE THEY?! My PCP is a rude, arrogant person. I need the pain meds, which is the ONLY reason I see him. Now, he's gotten to my other doctors... I hate this man... I've been in agony for 6 months following a simple colonoscopy... My bowels hurt, The Fibro makes everything else hurt. I haven't had ONE normal BM since the procedure. I'm suffering beyond suffering...

    Anyone who knows a doc in RI with an "open" mind, please let me know.... I'm NOT stupid, as they treat me. I am "trying" so hard I cry every single day. With every call and every rejection, I sink deeper into despair... Don't charge me all this money just to tell me you cannot help. Too depressed... sorry. Yes, I AM crying...
    peskypain responded:
    I'm sorry you are having so much trouble.

    Have you gone to/back to the Gastroenterologist to see what the actual problem is?

    I could see why a pain management Dr. is not going to want to treat you long term with medication until they actually get to the reason behind the problem.

    Do you see a Rheumatologist for your Fibro? Are you taking any medication like Cymbalta or Lyrica for that?

    There are always some good Drs. and some not so good, but to say that "all" PM Drs. are awful is just not true. I have been seeing an absolutely wonderful and caring PM for the last 6 years who treats me with dignity and care.

    Again..I think the main issue here is that you need to find a Dr. to figure out what is going on with you.
    mpathia replied to peskypain's response:
    I am glad you have a doctor who treats you well.
    TDXSP08 responded:
    You don't need a Doctor with an "Open" Mind You need a referral from your PCP to a Pain Management Doctor a Copy of your records for the Pain Management Doctor and if Individual PainDoctors are turning you Down try A Large University Hospital that has a Pain Management Department or find out why Doctors are turning you down it may be they do not feel that you will benefit from anything that they have to offer.
    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
    annette030 replied to peskypain's response:

    I agree with Peskypain that you should see the Gastroenterologist who did the colonoscopy, and also see a rheumy who manages FMS patients for that.

    Two out of three of the PM doctors I have seen for consults over the years have been wonderful, caring individuals, the third wasn't a bad person, she and I just didn't see eye to eye on doing procedures. I did not want them and declined to have them, we parted ways amicably.

    FMS makes recovery from any kind of painful procedures last longer and hurt more in my experience. I recovered from a painful knee in six months that another (non-FMS) person might have recovered from in six weeks. I have found that going into these things knowing what to expect works wonders. You don't worry so much, and that alone makes you heal faster.

    Best of luck to you.

    Take care, Annette
    rjbeck77 responded:
    Now your on Fentanyl patches and oxy's 1 day after you posted this. I guess you found that open minded doctor???

    I don't mean to be rude but your post makes no sense you posted all doctors suck and now all of these opiates, I guess all doctors don't suck..
    rjbeck77 replied to rjbeck77's response:
    This was in response to your post on the Hanzy56 posting...
    fibrofran17 responded:
    Mpathia, I relate to your story about a "destructive colonoscopy"...I became "awake" during the procedure and bolted up screaming. The nurses laid me back down. I had for got this happened till about a week later and then there was all this pain. I go back to doc and The doc told me "it doesn't hurt" period..I just can't take not being listened to, .I wanted to .....anyway, go to a new gastroenterologist, and find out what is wrong...first on your list. Take care of that first and see if your fibro calms down, it probably will. I feel your frustration, anger, etc etc, keeep truckin till you get listened to. fibrofran

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