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Hello, Pdog
dfromspencer posted:
Hello, Pat

I hope all is well with you? I am about the same. Had my E.N.T. appointment the other day, just wanted to let you know. While the Dr. was shoving that camera up/down my nose, he said he saw some kind of growth in the back, somewhere? So, when i go for my surgery, (i have no idea when that will be?) he wants the E.N.T. on call there to do a biopsy while i am already under. He tells me not to worry, that 99 out of a 100 times its nothing. I hope he's right?

The boys are doing fine. I went to my brothers yesterday, as soon as they heard my voice, they got excited. They know now, that when i show up, i bring them a different treat each time. How i adore them little guys! Bobo, until recently, never liked to be held and petted. He lets me, but no one else. So cute! I want to take them with me, but the boss continues to say no.

You are right about that, the V.A. can move alot faster than regular insurance. Both you, and my brother have proved that to me. How did your appointment go? Have they done anything for your shoulder yet? I know thats painful, so, i hope they hurry for you.

RATS, (no pun intended) i have to go again! Please write when you can, i love to hear from you. Take care, and be as well as possible. Your friend of R's and PD's Dennis
pdoogs responded:
Hey Den - Glad you finally had your appt though I'm fairly sure it wasn't much fun. Sorry to hear about what they found but on the plus side at least they're going to take it out and show it a good time when you're "under." It's like when I needed a cysto and I told the doc in so many words to "just do it when you're going to do my kidney surgery". He agreed.

As far as my appt went -IT DIDN'T!!! First it was confirmed by that automated confirmation thing and then the NEXT day the secy calls to say that the surgeon will be out of the office for the week. What?! I have to say I cried because I'm just so tired of this pain. She said she would call the next day, she didn't - nor the day after that. Finally I called before 9AM, and I let the phone ring for like 10mins, when she finally picked up. MY next appt is on the 30th. In the mean time I have tons of other appts - MRI's CT SCANS so this has been keeping me busy. I'm busy but not having any fun.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the boys and they have fun with you and look forward to your "visits." Your brother takes care of them but it's you that really loves them and they know it.
Speaking of our pets, I hate to say that I had to put my prairie dog Bisquet down on Sunday. He had a resp thing that I had brought him to the Vet for but deep down I knew it was going to be bad. PDs get a growth in their upper jaw/sinuses and he went into severe resp distress - so much so, he was using his abdominal muscles to breathe. I cried my eyes out but no medicine in the world was going to help him and if I decided to hold him over until the next day and try to have the growth removed, the results are very poor - pain and no quality of life.

So enjoy those "kids" Dennis - I never thought 4 weeks ago that I would now only have 3 prairie dogs and the one I lost was my baby. Take care of yourself and let me know when they give you a surgery date. Be well - Pat F of Rs & PDs
dfromspencer replied to pdoogs's response:
Dear Pat

I am so, soooooo sorry for your loss! I know how devastating that is. I started crying when i read this letter. Forgive me if i misspell, or mistype something. I think you did the right thing. I too, would rather be put to sleep forever, than live in that kind of pain. R.I.P. Bisquet!

I'm sorry you did not get your appointment. Why does it have to be so hard? You would think that anyone in pain, would be a priority? I guess Dr.s need vacations too? Now you are busy with all these appointments, are you getting any results? I sure hope so.

Pat, you are so right! As soon as they hear my voice, the get so excited. They do know who loves them the most. It chokes me up every time. I hate it when i have to leave them! The little darlings hold on to my hand for dear life, they don't want me to leave either. I still cannot believe how much i love these little creatures? Not too many people would even concider loving rats. I cannot see it any other way, now.

Well Pat, once again, i have to leave. I have to drive up to Menominee, Mich. today. Pick up the truck there, and take it to Limon, Colo. This is deffinately going to be the longest ride ever! I hope my back won't give me too much displeasure? Please take good care, write when you can. I love hearing from you.

Dennis F of R's and PD's

P.S. Again, i am so sorry for your loss! D.

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