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Dealing with the pain
j33pollock posted:
I have had two back surgeries..the first one was to remove a hernia that had been there for years(doctors wouldn't listen to chief complaint in 2002)....second one was for spinal fusion(L5-S1). Now I have arthritis in the back. Never complained about my back, it was always the left knee(swelling, tenderness in kneecap, leg giving out trying to walk, and an awful pain in my buttocks). Ten years later, arthritis in the knee, bone spurs in the knee, fluid in the knee, tenderness and swelling in the kneecap. Have been poked and prodded like a lab rat. Was told to young to have a knee replacement. Now I am at a point that I cannot bear weight on the leg/knee. On top of all of this, the pain management doctor told me I was faking to get drugs(drugs that doesn't even touch the pain). Is there anything I can do to get the help that I really need before I end up in a wheelchair? Pain is from the lower back down both hips and legs. Right kneecap is becoming tender now.
_swank_ responded:
I'm a little confused. By 'hernia' do you mean herniated disk? Because a hernia is something you usually associate with abdominal surgery. I'm not really sure why you would have surgery on something that has been there for years but didn't cause pain? I's also confused as to why you had a second surgery on your back when it was your knee that was hurting. If your doctor doesn't listen to you then it's up to you to find another one.

As far as your knee goes now, see another doctor. You don't say how old you are but may doctors believe the right time to do a knee replacement is when quality of life suffers. It has nothing to do with waiting for some magic age.
annette030 replied to _swank_'s response:
Hi, swank

Many folk like you and I wait until something really hurts or we have other symptoms then we have surgery. However, there are some folk who opt to have surgery the second something is diagnosed rather than "wait until it gets bad". Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, many doctors are willing to do surgeries right away.

Hernias can be happen in several places in the body, but I think like you do, that this person is talking about a herniated disc in his back.

All a hernia is, is a hole in a membrane that allows the stuff on one side to get to the other side. Abdominal hernias are holes in the membrane around the intestines that allow the intestines to ooze through the hole and become constricted.

Herniated discs are holes in the membrane around the disc that allows the gel inside the disc to leak out. So much for Anatomy 101, lol. Good info for newbies, I guess.

Take care, Annette

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