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    migraine and drug seeker
    Twizzles posted:
    have a tbi for over 30 years from a gunshot wound and suffer chronic headaches and migraines for many years now. ive tried all types of injections and migraine scripts and not one have given any relief. when i go to er and when they try to give me tordol i tell em it doesnt work and i know from past experience. i was looked at like "yeah ok" and give a stadol shot instead with a script of fioricet which also doesnt help. i was labeled a drug seeker at my primary who doesnt even prescribe narcs due to declining a tordol shot. what can i do about this? i even brought my latest ct scan with images proving i have a traumatic brain injury from gunshot. wth do i do now?
    _swank_ responded:
    Stop going to the ER and find a neurologist and/or a pain management doctor. When you go to the ER what do you want? You say none of the meds they give you work. What do you want them to do? If you ask them for a specific drug then red flags will go up immediately.
    bren_bren replied to _swank_'s response:
    Twizzles replied to _swank_'s response:
    dont ask for anything specific. i let them go through their protocol for treating migraines. but it isnt a migraine its a brain injury so obviously migraine meds dont work. until a neuro finds whats going on i need whats going to work. i suffer from these sometimes 5 days straight.
    Twizzles replied to _swank_'s response:
    idk why it raises red flags though. after 30 years i should know what works better for me than any dr thats not familiar. me telling them saves me alot of money on dr visits and scripts ive had before that didnt work. its not really a migraine when a portion of my brain is literally missinh
    peskypain replied to Twizzles's response:
    We are trying to say that going to the ER all the time and asking for opiates is going to have it be where you have a red flag in your medical records.

    I don't understand why you are going there in the first place? If you have had this issue for 30 years...What is the actual emergency that you are going there for?

    As mentioned, you should be seeing a Neurologist and coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan. You need to be open to any and all treatments.

    With anyone who has a chronic pain issue....if all they say is, "I don't want anything other than an opiate as that is the ONLY thing that works for my pain"...This will have most Drs. running the other directions as that is usually untrue.

    May I ask why you are not seeing a Neurologist?
    Twizzles replied to peskypain's response:
    ive just recently got insurance. and my migraines are so bad i vomit and blood pressure 160/108 last time from pain. like i said i have brain injury from being shot in the head. i dont decline treatments. i just got injected in the neck and face from a neurologist as it was something not tried before. im willing to try new things just not the old. and i dont ask for opiates i just tell them tordol doesnt work.
    peskypain replied to Twizzles's response:
    I understand you were injured but that was 30 years ago....I was just trying to mean that going to the ER is not going to be the way to get the best treatment and going each time you have some pain...this will raise red flags for you and will make it even harder to get good treatment.

    Now that you have insurance...then if you have an issue with treatment, then call your Neurologist to talk about what you can change, add, or tweak to help..

    Usually with a pain spike you won't get that high of a blood pressure reading as you mentioned...Pain can elevate it some...but if yours is high all day, every day...then you need to go see a GP/PCP and find out what is going on.

    Are you at a healthy weight and eat properly? Do you smoke? Do you exercise daily?

    All of these things can contribute to high bp.

    If you are having such a terrible time from an injury so long ago.....then you need to find out what is going on now as you obviously haven't been this way for the entire 30 years......Have they done a recent MRI?
    Twizzles replied to peskypain's response:
    just recently had a ct scan that indicated i have degeneration around the wound in a 2.5cm area. i was only able to go to the er due to lack of insurance. the pain im having which is around the exit wound of the bullet and is so extreme i feel like im about to die. on a regular day my bp is about 120/70. when this pain sets in my head i knkw my bp spikes. my entire body gets drenched in sweat and im hurting so bad i beg and cry for help. im hoping this neuro is a godsend and will be my relief from this pain.
    annette030 replied to Twizzles's response:
    In one post you say they are NOT migraines, and migraine meds are inappropriate, and in this post you say your "migraines are so bad that I vomit..." Please do not bother with the ER, see a neurologist who can follow you every day and have a plan for what you should do if you have head pain. That way you avoid the ER.

    Take care, Annette
    _swank_ replied to Twizzles's response:
    You say you went to the ER because you don't have insurance. You do know that you are responsible for paying that bill right? The ER is way more expensive than going to a doctor and you can go to a doctor without insurance. You will have to pay for your visit, just like you will if you go to the ER. I still don't know why you go to the ER if they don't do anything for you anyway. Why bother? After 30 years it's not an emergency.
    annette030 replied to _swank_'s response:
    Hi, Swank

    The problem is many people do not have $100 or more just laying around to pay for an extra, unexpected doctor's appt. With the ER, you have the possibility of indigent care paying for the visit, or at the very least you can work out a payment plan with the business office. At most doctor's offices, you pay up front for care, they do not bill you later. The ER will often do CTs, MRIs, lab work, etc., all on their dime. The patient pays later, maybe.

    That said many people give fake names or addresses or have no intention of ever paying their medical bills.

    When you hurt bad enough, you will do most anything hoping to get rid of the pain, even if it is only for a few hours.

    Take care, Annette
    _swank_ replied to annette030's response:
    Annette, I realize all this but it still irritates me no end that people use the ER for their primary care because they know they can get away without paying. Sorry, but if they're paying for meds, and beer and cigarettes, etc. then they can afford to contribute something. The poster has been doing this for 30 years, s/he could have saved a lot of money by seeing a regular doctor. Years ago my husband was sent to the hospital via ambulance right from his doctor's office. On the way there they had to divert him to another hospital because the ER was so full of people that did not need to be there. But they use the ER like a PCP and go there for colds, etc. So it's a major pet peeve of mine.
    Twizzles replied to _swank_'s response:
    ive had a job since i was 14, ive had health insurance for years and had doctors and a pcp. but with these headaches and migraines up to 6 days a week i am not able to work as my field requires alot of driving. i dont smoke or drink so idk why you said that at all. people have had strokes due to these types of headaches and the pain they bring so to me its an emergency when my bp is through the roof from the pain. its kind of hard for you to judge on what you dont know. i dont go to the er for any other reason and in this small town im not hogging up a room from someone in a worse condition.
    Twizzles replied to Twizzles's response:
    and i didnt have these this often this whole 30 years. onlu occasional and i would try to deal with it. but the severity over the last two months have become unbearable. so in the last two months ive had ti go to the er because i feel like its more than a migraine. im afraid of the bp spike. and i make payments on the visits atleast. i dont ask for indigent care or free care!!

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