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An_247453 posted:
If there's any out there who can help me w/ this question, I'd like your advice. I have been taking pain meds,drinkins Sometimes and having some "deep itching". Not outer itching/skin itchin itching. My doc had me take a non-drowsy benadryl type med and at first it helped. This itching happens whether I drink or don't drink. Any suggestions? My doc said he's never heard of this being a side effect of my med...???
HighnLoLita responded:
Hiya! I was just wondering if you told your dr that you drink while on pain meds? I'm no dr but, I'm sure you should not drink while you take your medication. I used to drink but, I had to stop when I started my treatment. When I drank, I would have a hangover, major head aches and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. The drinking did nothing good for my pain and it is not good for the liver. The funny thing is, now I still wake up feeling like I got hit by a truck and I don't even drink hehe.

I'm not sure what kind of meds you are on but, for me opiates and some others can cause itching, I still itch but, I have got used to it.

This is just my opinion. I wish you well. Lita
peskypain responded:
Hi there...

I also agree that alcohol is not a good idea when someone is prescribed pain meds.

If your medication is an opiate...itching is a fairly common side it's a bit strange that your Dr. has never heard of this...

Are you seeing a PM Dr. or is your PCP handling your pain meds..

All I can think of is that if the Benadryl isn't working...then possibly changing pain medications is another way to go.

I have had maybe had a few glasses of wine in the last 3 years. If I ever plan to have a drink....I do not take any pain meds within 8 hours of having that drink to not mix them together.

Good luck.

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