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RE: My Son-in-Law that Died
meaningfulc1952 posted:
Hi there,
Thanks for the messages that you all have posted. My son in law did not commit suicide. This was an accidental drug overdose that killed him. I do know that he should have known better than to mix so many different meds together and from what I also know that night he did drink some alcohol drinks. Not sure exactly what though.

It is still very upsetting for my daughter to go thru this since it is a constant reminder since it was the day after her 40th b'day that he was found.

She has found a grief support group but that was where she used to live. Now she lives in another city and has not found a grief support group there. I do hope that she will find someone to talk to or find a group.

I hope that this clears a few things up. Perhaps he meant to end his life, but I don't know.

77grace responded:
I'm glad you got back to us!!!I thing I know somewhat what you are both going through!At a young age I had my first Boyfriend die from an accidental overdose<I remember the pain I went through,it was horrific!
If your daughter can't find a support group in her area she can find one Online!
God Bless Both of You, 77grace

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