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St.Judes disappointing Stimulator
tomuchtingle posted:
I had my spinal cord stimulator implant in May of 2012, after having a very successful trial period, which lasted for a week. The only thing that went a bit different during the first implant was that during the surgery they needed to implant the lead in "backwards" because of the shape of my spine. This was very uncomfortable only at the time. The next week went swimingly! I had stimulation at any level I wanted, and where I wanted it. It was then removed, and a appointment for the permanent stimulator was made.
What a disappointment ! I had almost no sensation from the stimulator where I really needed it, and every program went to the same upper level of my hip. The main pain area was the ankle/foot area. I set the one program that gives faint periodic sensation to the heel area to medium, and after walking for a bit it starts charging up. If I am trying to do a project which involves bending or any such movement other than walking, it is so intense that I turn it off, or sit down. While sitting or laying down, I am able to turn it up all the way, and not have any sensation what so ever. When I get up, it takes a while for it to gradually kick in again. There have been times while walking that I do not know if it is on or not, and have to go back and start it again. This has been this way from the begining. I have been in for reprograming 3 times. The last time I was told to keep a journal of what is going on.and " sometimes the nerves need to adjust". When asked when I should make my next appointment, I was told another appointment was not nessecary.
77grace responded:
What do they mean ,"no other appointments?"If your not getting good results they should try again!I would stand your ground and tell them You are hoping to get the results the trail did for you!!!Of course this is if you want to!
I feel bad for you because I can identify with the dissapoitment!
Hang in there,7grace
mazzarisi responded:
In response toSCS Isuffer from sacroiliac joint dysfunction I had the trial scs it worked BUTupon taking it out I experiencedtwice the pain as before twas inserted What gives? Needless to say I am having secolnd thoughtsPrior to this I have Had 2spinalfusions decompression and a laminectomy Can anyone relate?

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