What is wrong?
kamilacbronx posted:
My concern is pertaining to my husband. He has experienced bruises on both of his legs for awhile now.The doctor told him to go the emergency room as soon as possible. However, they do not have any medical history on him. His doctor stated his platelet count is low (he doesn't have HIV). What could this be?
annette030 responded:
He should talk to his doctor again, preferably with you present. Ask exactly what his low platelet count was? A bit low, or very low? Is it something you really need to even worry about?

Ask the doctor your questions and see what his answers are? He has far more information than we do.

Usually, small-medium bruises are just due to banging around that we may not remember when the bruises show up.

Big, ugly ones are something altogether different.

Take care, Annette