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MRI Muscle twitching, warm sensation and pain
jjrice2011 posted:
I just got home from an MRI of my lower back and right hip. I have had numerous MRI's but only the last two have I experienced this. The one I had 2 months ago was of my abdomen. At certain tones, my muscles would start twitching to the sound of the MRI. I mentioned it to the tech and he said that was wierd and never heard of it before. My MRI's today I had the same thing. This was for my lumbar spine. I had muscle twitching in my arms and the sides of my ribs. I think they are called your lats. I would get the twitching with every sound of the MRI only at certain sounds. Then I got this very warm feeling in my abdomen like I had a heating pad on the inside of my abdomen. Then my lower back started aching something fierce. It was worse than the reason I was having this done. I mentioned it to the tech again and this time he said he has heard of this but it is very rare. He told me to mention it to my Dr. Not sure why this is happening all the sudden. I have had 12 MRI's previous to these latest two with no such symptoms. After reading all the other posts, I think some kind of study needs to happen before something severe happens to a patient.
ecosj responded:
I had an abdominal MRI/MRCP on a ultra high-field 3T machine (big mistake) a week ago and I am still in pain from it. Before the scan I felt fine.

The scan took about an hour. The first 30-40 minutes went well, but then at one point with each new pulse of the scanner I started feeling intense heat and growing pain in my internal organs in the targeted area. It also felt like they were pushed down with each wave of energy. Once the contrast was used for the last 7 minutes of the scan, the heat and pain sensations subsided.

Now a week later, I still have a burning pain in my abdomen that radiates to my back. When I picked my report, which didn't discover anything, I told the radiologist about the heat and pain sensations I had during the scan. His response was that MRI doesn't generate heat.

I am extremely worried about the damage that was done to my insides and long-term consequences.
ctbeth replied to ecosj's response:
Wow, that's strange!

Perhaps a radiologist could shed some light on this phenomenon.

Have you done a thorough internet search?

The energy used is magnetic and, far as I've read, there shouldn't be any damage to you or any long term sequalae from having MRI imaging.

If you read or hear of any information on this, would you please post it?

I, for one, am interested in your findings.


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