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Good news! Update on pain management:
HighnLoLita posted:
Hello all. As we make our way out of the heat and into cooler days I'm a bit worried that the cold weather is going to make the pain even more worse, can it get worse? Anyways I used to live in Sunny California and have moved accross country to Maryland. I love the different season the weather goes through out here, it is so beautiful. But, I am worried about my pain and how the cold could make it even more excruciating.

So this past week I had to find new pain management. This last pain management took my insurances but, would only give injections no prescriptions. So its like I was back to square one. A year ago one of the hospitals pain management clinics denied me care but, I called them again this week. The woman said she would call my dr and get the records and I was to call the pm dr to send my records. I figure I would do that in a few days and I went on about my day. Before the day was out the lady called me and said that she has everything that she needed and the dr said I can come for a consult. We set that appointment up right then and there. She told me that the dr is aware that I needed medication management and he would go over my meds and make any necessary adjustments no problem.

I am really excited b/c all of the places I've been calling were not accepting patients who need medication management. It's like all they want to do is give you shots that give hardly any relief. And this dr I was just seeing said he would only give the meds I'm taking to a person with Cancer. I'm only on Norco 3x a day and a muscle relaxer at night.

Anyways I just love my medical dr's office they have really been the best and really seem to care about me...
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