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Had enough surgeries/injections?
chronic1008 posted:
If you are a regular visitor I won't bore you with my full story. Ive typed it too many times. I'll give you the condensed version for the new readers. History: I'm 45 years old. I've had 8 back surgeries. 5 in the past 6 years. Had a scs placed in 2010. Had numerous injections, ablations and have tried so many different medicines I can't even count. I lost my hearing in my right ear during my first lumbar fusion in 2006 and have consistent extreme tinnitus. I was couch/bed ridden for almost 5 years (actually 4 yrs 11 months-but who's counting?). I had 2 head surgeries to place a BAHA device for my hearing. This is all work related and every time my pain Dr or Neurosurgeon proposes something, it ends up in court. Ive had 5 or 6 arbitrations and every time the judge has found in my teams favor. The latest is a cochlear implant for my tinnitus. The insurance is appealing and I'm told this could take up to a couple of years. Conclusion: I am now on a pain medicine that is working tremendously for me- Dilaudid 2mg 6x's per day. My tinnitus is still a huge problem but I believe I may be adapting (I still don't sleep well at all but is somewhat improving). My stimulator works good I just need to manage my activity throughout the day very carefully. I take a cooler with me with ice packs in it wherever I go. This really helps. I returned to work in May after 7 yrs off but I'm not sure how long this can last. My surgeon restricted me to 20 hrs per week. I'm a superintendent for a small general contractor and 20 hrs is difficult to manage a project. I do receive SSDI but would much rather stay employed. I have come to a point where I have accepted the hand that has been dealt to me (much thanks to this sites help). I have learned my abilities (I refuse to say disabilities- too negative a label) and more importantly have accepted them. I was once extremely active, golfing 4-5 times per week, hiking, fishing, wrestled in college, loved a hard workout, mountain biked and enjoyed everything outdoors. Itis amazing what the human spirit can adapt to. Although my activities are less physical, they are no less enjoyable. I now enjoy walking my neighborhood, making my kids breakfast and lunches, seeing them off and home from school, coaching my kids sports teams, and most of all, taking some of the load of my beautiful, wonderful, patient, adorable, fantastic, generous wife.

My suggestions to everyone in pain: find what works for you and do it 110%. Find what doesn't work for you and erase it from your thoughts. Take time to pursue your relief but don't let it consume you. Learn to enjoy the more simple things in life. Watching my kids triumph or fail at a sporting event really doesn't concern me, me being there to see their smile afterward- priceless!

Question: when do you know enough is enough. I think I just recently found the answer. God speed to everyone in pain.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you have found many ways to continue to enjoy your life.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
~Joseph Campbell
Anon_2912 responded:
Nice job in saying, "not to give up, but always look for the positives in things".

Thank you..

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