Radio Frequency Denervation
An_248024 posted:
I just had RF denervation and was not prepared for the recovery. I have holes in my back. I have had injections in the past so when my doctor said they would go in with a needle I assumed it would be the same as in the past. No at all. The surgery center forgot to dress them when I left so I was really surprised when I got home and felt what was there. It's a hard place to reach so I needed help covering them. Not a great experience.
77grace responded:
Ouch.,,That sounds painful!!!I think one of my Dr.s wanted to do that to me ??What exactly is it??Can you explain it to me???
I need to try something beside's drugs,my tolerence is really bad ,like alot of us ,I'm sure!!
P.S. Hope you feel better soon ,how big are these holes??