Back Pain Radiating to Groin
An_248033 posted:
Has anyone ever experienced pain that starts in lower back and radiates through crest of hip, down through groin and ending up in pelvic area? Before I go into details I'd like to know if this sounds familiar to anyone. My first bout was 6 years ago and didn't last long. This bout started last October and I still have it. I'm about to lose my mind. Anyone?
annette030 responded:
Please go see your doctor and let him/her examine you and do any imaging studies he/she needs to do. This is really the best way to find out what is wrong.

Take care, Annette
_swank_ responded:
Real hip pain usually show up as pain in the groin, not on the outside of the hip like people think. It can also radiate to the lower back. However, problems in the lower back can do the same thing. So, as Annette said, you'll need to see a doctor to sort it all out.