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cronic pain no doc rx
willyobiker posted:
I had a motorcycle accident in which I suffered a double compound fracture of my tibia, and have had an external fixator(?) attached to my bone for alignment and I am 60 years old and have been told i will suffer much pain for the rest of my life. However my primary orthopedic doctor will NOT prescribe any pain meds for me. If he felt the pain i do (constant)he might feel differently. How can i get my doctor to prescribe something(anything) for pain? I have NEVER abused drugs. I live in WV.
One question- do any others here at webmd ever had a similar problem? How did you resolve it?- thanks all!- Willyobiker
77grace responded:
Hi willyobiker,
Well,Did you ask him why he would not give you anything for pain??Do you have the option of going to another Dr.???That's what I would do!!!He may want you to see a pain Specialist <Are thaey in your area???I'm guessing you mean West Virgina??I 'm not sure what WV stands for?
Try to get another opinion, for sure!Therew is releif and there must be a reason that he won't presribe!Some DR.s just don't like to mess with those drugs!
Blessings,I'm here for you 77grace
annette030 responded:
See a pain management specialist for this problem.

When was your accident, and broken leg? What complications did you have that you would expect to be in pain for the rest of your life?

Be aware that orthopedic surgeons are surgeons, they are used to fixing things, not prescribing long term medications. They simply are not trained for what you might need.

Take care, Annette
77grace replied to annette030's response:
Hi Annette,
I did'nt thik of that ,your right,Surgeons probally won't presribe anything for pain unless maybe your going to have Surgery from him,that was my Experince!Of course that Prescriton was only for 1 or 2 fill's and then he wanted to operate!For me I needed more was way to risky then!

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