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    tinamarie posted:
    help, just moved to maine from fla, need a pain management
    docter that perscribes 30s was on 240 a month for 7 years had 20plus surgies due to a accident,all i can get is 2 15 mill. aday
    annette030 responded:
    Sorry you cannot get what you feel you need. I assume you mean oxycodone, but I am not sure.

    You probably won't find a doctor that loose with RXs where you are. I would think twice about how you present yourself to the doctor.

    Take care, Annette
    77grace responded:
    Hi tinamarie,
    Annette must understand your post ,I don't,you are safe here!As far as I know anyway!
    As far as telling you where to go I don't think any of us would know!!!You will have to ask around and check out Dr.s or Pain Management places and hopefully you have some records to show!
    Speaking of that ,What are your pain issues??
    Best of luck,77grace
    peskypain responded:
    If these are 30mg Oxycodones short 8 a Annette will not find many Drs. who will prescribe that for you.

    Most everyone with chronic pain moves to a long acting medication and then perhaps a short acting med for breakthrough pain as needed.

    Many states are changing their laws/regulations on not just who can prescribe controlled substances long term...but they have to answer to the state/DEA the exact reasons why and why they aren't moving someone to long term medication.

    I can't imagine it was Oxycontin as I don't know any Dr. who would prescribe those 8 times a day. The max dosing is 3 which is already off label from the 2 from the manufacturer.

    Being on a short acting medication long term just keeps you chasing the pain every 4-6 hours.... may be able to find another Dr. and a PM Dr. if you choose...but you need to be open to another way of treatment. As well as using many other modalities that are non medicinal as well.

    No one should soley rely on an opiate for their pain..

    I do wish you luck..
    77grace replied to peskypain's response:
    Hi peskypain,
    Are you also a Nurse like Annette??Both of you understood the abreviations in the post better than me!I agree if it was 30mg of Oxycodones short ating ,I can't imagine it at * a day!!But like you said I am on long acting medication and then break through!
    Anyway,Thanks for the info!
    77grace responded:
    Hi tinamarie,
    I already posted to you as well as others but have'nt heard from you,so I hope everything is better or at least you are making headway finding a Dr. of Pain management !Do you have good records???I mean updated and stuff!
    Anyway .Good luck and I hope you feel Better soon!Chronic pain is a real drag!

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