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    any help?? new here, thank you..
    kimbutterfly posted:
    hello everyone, my name is Kim, i am 29 years old. i dont know where to start because there is so much to say.. Guess i would just like any ideas or advice.. Since i was little i have had pain in my legs, it started in the back of my knees. Parents didnt take me to any special doctor that i can remember. Said it was growing pains.. When i was a teenager the pain would get worse in my legs... Especially the time of the month i had the most horrid cramps.. took care of that for the most part though.. Now that i have been in my 20s the pain has gotten out of control. This year has been the worst ever. I had x-rays and Mris done, findings are degenerative discs, bulging discs, sciatica... I DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE, UNEMPLOYED BECAUSE OF THE PAIN AND IT IS FROM WHEN I WAKE UP UNTIL I SLEEP UNLESS I GET ANY HELP! i have a very poor quality of life and i am so young. I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for doctors. I have seen a surgeon, no luck, ive gone to the ER, pain management, no luck at that doctor he was not nice or understanding. I am at my wits end. I have read so much on the internet about things like this.. I havent been able to get a prescription for the pain and everyone says im too young for it!! i can hardly sleep and my stress level and depression its skyrocketing.. I hope i can be heard and understood here im so frustrated. Then it seems to be all about this doctor shopping thing or drug seeking behavior i read about?? i know people who get scripts and i dont know why they do no bad pain like me and have decent lives.. no im not a doctor but i have gone through so much, i know what works for me and what doesnt, i cant afford doctors i love how they say simply pay 350 for a nerve block injection! wish i could... i do have a job interview Wednesday at a lawfirm. This pain has been crippling, i do use a cane, it has caused so much stress on me, my family, friends, working, etc. i feel like no one believes me or i have to watch what i say to a doctor or else i want drugs??? i have asked for non-narcotic, have done physical therapy, ice, heat, creams, patches, idk how many muscle relaxers and anti-inflammotories i have tried to no avail! maybe there is something wrong with the way my body interacts with them?? i wish i could get insurance and find a good dr or surgeon for some answers.. some tests ive had i dont even know the 100% diagnosis because i feel they arent taking the time for me!! i dont want to burden anyone, i try to cope, had to go to ER this morn it was out of control, got a shot of Solumedrol burned like crazy, bruising now... im a wreck.. i try to keep a good attitude and pray so much to God, i am Christian and that is my belief btw.. So i try to remain strong.. but when u cant walk sometimes or no one listens it gets crazy... Can anyone make me any suggestions?? i managed to get into see a new chiropractor, first time tomorrow and its FREE!! im glad about that, we will see what happens... hoping for the best, thank you for taking the time to read my post.. if you have any questions let me know.. to get a better idea of how i feel, the best thing that helps me is percocet 10 mg for a few hours.. i have tried vicodin, lidocaine, diladid, even oxy and i must just be wierd because wont help me... i have never abused my meds but since my primary doc referred me to someone else that didnt workout (which i told him) i have no doc to treat me right now or surgery, never had that either.. i am young, pretty and smart, my life is really going down and thats not God's plan for me... just looking for some insight.. Thanks a bunch!! have a great week......... Sincerely, Kim (in Ohio)
    dfromspencer responded:
    Hi, Kim

    Welcome here, i hope you stay around for awhile. It sounds like you have tried everything i could have suggested? You must find a pain specialist that will listen to you, or make him. Do not leave until you have had your say, and feel understood. Dr.s are not supposed to judge us, but they do. They are scared.

    Have you tried the local D.H.S.? Department of human serices? Perhaps your own church? Free clinics? There has to be something in your area, that might at least help with the costs?

    I hope you get the job. But, how long will you suffer before you get medical insurence? Throw yourself on the mercy of the state, until you can cover it yourself. No shame, ok? You are in pain, and need the help. Go for it, what do you have to lose, except the pain?

    I hope i helped, at least a little, Dennis
    kimbutterfly replied to dfromspencer's response:
    thank you, the only thing i havent tried from your ideas are the church. My mom told me to go to our church and talk to the pastor about any kind of help so i can do that soon. Yes i have been to human services, no medical because i am over 21 and no children.. its ridiculous, as far as free clinics, would love to and i could try again but a couple of years ago i got a female doctor, not too compassionate, I COULDNT BELIEVE IT SHE TOLD ME ITS FROM STRESS AND ITS MY MENTAL STATE.. IN MY HEAD AND GO TO THIS PLACE IN MY COUNTY CALLED THE NORD CENTER. ITS A PSYCH WARD.. I WAS BEYOND FRUSTRATED WITH THAT ONE!! lol... i managed to find a chiropractor, which i have never been to, just surgeons, ortho drs, fam drs.. one pain mngmnt.. didnt work out and had to write a letter why but no biggie.. anyway he is free first visit tomorrow, then after 30 a visit.. hopeful.. i havent worked in over a year and its been a bad situation for me but im trying to look UP.. thank you for your help... just had to drive for an hour and ughh it was not good .. now im trying to rest!! at least i have those things to look forward to though.. every day it seemed like i had no life and no interaction because of all of this.. IT HAS TO GET BETTER!! God bless u Dennis sincerely, KIM
    peskypain responded:
    Hi there...Sorry to hear about your pain issues..

    I'm a little confused by your posts though as you say that no one is willing to help you with your pain and you've never gotten any prescriptions for pain meds...

    But then you mention literally every type of pain med from Vicodin, Lidocaine, Dilaudid, Oxycodone, and then all the NSAIDS, steroids, muscle relaxers, etc.

    As well as all the types of treatments you have tried..And you list many test that the Drs. have done as well.

    So it seems as if Drs have been prescribing medications left and right and trying every treatment, and doing a lot of tests but you are saying that nothing is working...or nothing has been found concretely to continue treatment.

    None of us with chronic pain find just one thing that is going to take it all away...

    And many Drs. can only do what they can to try and find out what is going on. If there really isn't a firm diagnosis with something...then many are going to be reluctant to just prescribe medication if you tell them nothing has worked.

    I know it's frustrating...but hopefully you will find a job that provides insurance for you to be able to try and see a Dr. that maybe you haven't seen before...

    I didn't see you list any nerve pain meds like Lyrica, Neurontin, or Cymbalta...these medications along with certain exercises and stretches can help with the sciatic nerve pain and disc issues since you don't seem to be emergent for any surgery based on the MRIs.

    Again...Drs. are humans too and it seems as if they have been doing a lot to try and figure out what is wrong and prescribe lots of different medications.

    kimbutterfly replied to peskypain's response:
    hello to you and thanks.. no i did not say i was never prescribed the meds.. been on them for a year and a half.. and yes i have tried neurontin 300 mg 3x a day didnt work.. i understand it will take different things to help.. ive asked about lyrica and cymbalta my fam dr said too many bad side effects? idk.. pills are just a fix for temporary i guess.. its depressing to not want to wake up sometimes even for the fear of how bad u will feel, dr told me about an inversion table i have never had adjustments and im hoping for the chance to soon.. thanks for listening, God bless you.. -Kim
    kimbutterfly replied to kimbutterfly's response:
    and to everyone im sorry im using punctuation marks and writing run-ons.. just want to get it typed fast im sorry.... thank u for taking the time again..
    kimbutterfly replied to kimbutterfly's response:
    not using punctuation!! wow i am messing this up lol sorry
    kimbutterfly replied to kimbutterfly's response:
    btw the shot i got today in my hip the Solumedrol took my pain away significantly! but the burning really hurts in the other leg... i have some tramadol doesnt do much but its something... i have a list of what hasnt worked and i know it does sound crazy if i could put it into better words i would, just frustrating and i am fed up! my whole life has changed now i pray it can get better...
    peskypain replied to kimbutterfly's response:
    Maybe it was a typo..but in your first post you say, "I haven't been able to get a prescription for the pain as they say I'm too young for it!"..

    So that is why I answered as I did.

    If the medication shot of Solu-medrol worked so well from the ER...then that was a corticosteroid. This means then that a lot of your pain is from inflammation. This is where Ibuprophen can be very helpful..

    If you don't have any insurance...I would stay out of the ER as that is for life/death or true emergency situations. They usually don't see chronic pain as an emergency...

    What Dr. are you seeing now that is prescribing the Tramadol?

    And if Neurontin didn't work..then there is Lyrica or Cymbalta to try...

    Again...with chronic pain it's a goal to get to a 5 or so on the pain scale...

    As well as make sure you are eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, don't smoke, drink plenty of water each day..cut out sodas...real or diet...Limit sugar, alcohol, salt....And then get exercise each day...even if it's walking 5 -10 minutes at a time. As well as doing stretching..

    It is also a good idea for those in chronic pain to seek out counseling...Many of them have sliding scales for fees so you pay what you can afford. Learning to handle the stress emotionally with pain is important. As well as many people have been diagnosed with depression so medication can be helpful both with the pain and your mood.

    Keep us posted..
    77grace responded:
    Hi kimbutterfly,
    First of all,I think you have found the right place to talk to others about your pain issues!There are alot of around,that in itself helps me know that I am not alone!
    I also started having pain at a young age!I was about 15 when I starterd to get severe headaches,maybe younger!!I would be sick with them for days!So I know how draining it is!
    I too am a Christain and thank God because that pulls me through all this!!!!I have tumors that grow on the nerves on my spine and it causes alot of pain from my neck down to my Hip on the left side!!!!Try to remember that God will pull us through,it takes alot of faith and patience!Try to find Dr.s that will listen to you,explain that you can't help being young ,you are in severe Pain and need help now!!!
    Why did you take mes before and not now???What is Solumedrol?I have never heard of it ?Does it help??
    I am here for you,stay in touch!
    Love and Blessings 77grace
    77grace replied to peskypain's response:
    Hi Peskypain,
    I'm just curious,I notice in this post you seem a bit Stern ,maybe Harsh! I'm not sure how that helps,but I definatly don't know everything!
    I just feel that we need to be understanding,not judgemental!If I read you wrong,I'm sorry,it's just my feeling!
    Have a good one !77grace
    peskypain replied to 77grace's response:
    Which post do you think I am "stern"? I was asking questions and trying to understand the posts by Kim...I am a literal person and I was just explaining why I wrote what I did based on what she wrote as it was confusing..

    I post the same towards everyone...We are not Drs. here...and awe try to offer suggestions/thoughts based on our own journey with chronic pain..

    I was just trying to help her by saying that it's hard for Drs. sometimes to find out what is wrong with someone...they get frustrated as well...And it seemed as if she had had lots of tests and tried numerous medications to have none of them work at all...

    So...that is a hard place to be for her...I was also saying that most Drs. without strong diagnoses won't like to continue to write prescriptions as she even just masks the issue.

    I'm sure she wants to figure out what is wrong... handle your posts differently than mine...but we both care about the people we write to. I just am more direct in what I write...
    77grace replied to peskypain's response:
    Your right,we all handle things differently but now that you explained I understand totally,sorry bout that!
    We are here for the same reason,to help eachother!
    annette030 replied to kimbutterfly's response:
    You might try a free clinic again. The one that I used to volunteer in had an all volunteer medical staff, so the doctors changed frequently. Maybe you will get a nicer doctor next time.

    Good luck with the chiropractor, be careful.

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to 77grace's response:
    Hi, Grace

    I didn't read Pesky's reply as stern, just as direct. Certainly not harsh. I saw some of the same inconsistencies in Kim's post, so she was pretty much saying what I would have said.

    It is hard dealing with just the written word and not having facial expressions, etc. It is good to ask for clarification whenever one does not understand.

    Take care, Annette

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