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ARE YOU SAT. with your pain control?
edc99353 posted:
position your congressman

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annette030 responded:
What does "position your congressman" mean?

Take care, Annette
subzero responded:
So far I've been on some very strong drugs for pain management. It got to the point that I could not eat sleep or even walk. then I had to ask my doctor to get me out of this madness. after a month in rehab the doctors put me on suboxone. It has helped my pain and the rest of my life in more ways then you could imagine. But now my doctors are telling me that the DEA and FDA are trying to change the laws over the way that they treat their patients.If the laws change and doctors are not allowed to perscribe subutex or suboxone where will that leave people who need these drugs to live a normal life? Its bad enough that most people belive suboxone is only for drug addicts and that it's not for pain,but now congress wants to get involved. If they would open a book and read the first line about the drug buprenorphine,It says a pain killer or analgesic.But because it has become a drug sold on the streets they want to stop doctors from treating people with it.So now I'm waiting to hear from a congressman if my life has to go back to a full aganist drug like kaidian (morphine sulphate) which costs more and caused me to write this response.So the question was "Are you ok with your pain control? yes if they just let doctors do their jobs. No,if a congressman is going to dictate to the to the doctors. Thanks for reading this...subzero aka pete
annette030 replied to subzero's response:
I think you meant to write "petition" rather than "position"???

I am on methadone for chronic pain, and many, many (about 40) years ago I worked as an RN at a methadone clinic for heroin addicts. I get the discussion, thanks.

Take care, Annette
ctbeth replied to subzero's response:
You can get Morphine Sulfate long acting as a generic; Kadian is just a brand name.

I would think that Suboxone is far-more expensive than generic MS Contin (long acting)

Is there any particular reason that you do not want to take a pure agonist? If so, I am curious as to why. You said, "...have to go back to a full agonist drug".

There are other opiates besides MSC, if that caused you problems.

Good luck with that.

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