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rotator cuff tear
mayborn posted:
Early in July, I felt a extremly painful pulling in my shoulder and arm.
It has happened several more times. Had a MRI, which shows a cuff tear. Saw a ortho doctor, but since the pain goes down into my bicep, he referred me to a rehap doctor.
I have tried ice, ibuprofen, tylnol, melixicam, cymbalta, and celebrix, none of which have helped.
It feels like someone is knifing my shoulder joint, and my bicep muscle has intense cramping. Also have pain on the front, top, and back of my shoulder.
Have seen my pcp, and gone into walk-in clinics.
Also called a nurse help line. Nurse told me if it gets too extreme, to go to the ER. However, that is very expensive, and I would feel bad about taking attention from people who really need it.
Can't keep going like this!! Please, any ideas???
mayborn responded:
P.S. I also had a cortasoid injection, which, since I am type 1 diabetic, sent my blood sugars crazy, and did'nt help. I have also tried acupunture.
annette030 replied to mayborn's response:
It sounds like you need to stick with one doctor. I would choose the rehab one or the pcp. But, you know them and it is up to you, you should pick the one you feel most comfortable with. I would not bother with the ER. You have a chronic condition and need to deal with it.

Take care, Annette
_swank_ responded:
I would find another ortho doctor if it were me. Torn rotator cuffs don't heal on their own and neither do torn bicep tendons. I know from experience that a torn bicep tendon will cause extreme cramping. A PCP isn't going to help you. You either have to live with it the way it is or see an ortho doc that can fix it.
Anon_2912 responded:
You most likely need surgery.

I had an MRI done and it showed my tendon tear & I was immediately told I need surgery.

I had the pain for like 2yrs before I decided to inquire my doctor about it. He sent me to an ortho & well the rest is history. Had to have full open shoulder surgery, the removed the torn tendon and used screws to re attach the rest.

Did have to the PT for about 3 months, but ALL better now & painfree....
mayborn replied to mayborn's response:
Thank you for your advice!
mayborn replied to annette030's response:
Thank you for your advice!
mayborn replied to Anon_2912's response:
Holy cow 2 years? LOL you are much tougher than me!
mayborn responded:
Thank you all for replying to me. Went to see an ortho specialist today. He thinks I may have something called brachial neuritis, which is inflammation or some kind of damage to nerves. I start physical therapy tomorrow, and go back to him for more tests on Oct. 30th.

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