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Haven't been on in a while...wanted to update some of you
nowthis posted:
First I'd just like to say HEY to those of you I haven't talked to in quite a while!

Last time I was on was sometime after my brother passed away back in March(at least I think that was when I was on last). I'm still dealing with that, idk if ill ever get over it, we were really close.

I'm not doing great with my pain right now! I did A LOT OF WALKING over the past week and a half and I guess it irritated some nerves or muscles in my back and WOW I haven't hurt so bad since I did in 2009 when I thought I had ruptured a disc. Anyway..I went and had a massage and had my dr call in a steroid pack and I seem to be doing better, havent had a horrible episode since the massage Thursday but I still feel like I'm hurting more than normal. I just applied for the Federal Pre Existing Insurance Plan(about 220/mo). I want to go back on OxyContin but can't afford it without insurance since its over 400/mo! I'm still taking Roxicodone 15mg 4x day and MS Contin 30mg 3x day, Soma 350 1 x day and my leg started bothering me again so I'm having an epidural on Nov 2nd! It's been prob almost 2 years since I've had one so that one held for quite a while.

Got a lot going on this next week, my Nana is having knee replacement surgery Monday morning, ill be taking care of her while she recovers over the next few weeks or so. Anyone that has had it- tell me how you needed help, etc. any info you can offer is helpful. Graduate from Dental Assisting School on Saturday!! Hopefully ill find a job soon!

Anyway that's all for now, hope everyone is doing ok(as ok as we all can be in pain).

ctbeth responded:
Hi Jonathan!

I hadn't been on this site in months- and just stopped by, in parlance, a few days ago.

Nice to see you.

I'm falling asleep, so cannot write, but please update me on Facebook.

So glad to see you and hope we can talk more, ok

<3 Beth <3
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Johnathan and welcome back,

I'm so sorry about your loss.

And sorry to hear your physical pain has been flaring lately. I hope that continues to ease up with treatment.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! To get to this point despite what you've been through lately is really wonderful. I'm sure your brother would have been so proud of you.

While you're waiting for responses here re the replacement surgery, try also posting on our Knee & Hip Replacement community for feedback and do some reading there. Good luck to your Nana and it's great that you'll be helping her through this.
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