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    What is this pain? 3 years and stronger than ever.
    splendad posted:
    Hello to a great community of people and medical staff. I'm gonna super-consolidate here.

    I've had 2 back surgeries (microdiscectomies) l4-l5. I know have severe arthritis in that area as diagnosed by x-rays/doctors. I've had 2 knee surgeries (arthroscopic with partial medial meniscus removal from having been crushed, bone-tendon-bone graft full acl reconstruction from acl deficient knee after accident).

    Now, about three years ago, I started getting these cheap massages at the mall, hoping they would help my back pain, and they did. However, when the masseuse would press in on my back in a high area on the left side (about half-way up my back) the front area, probably just to my left of my heart, felt like I was getting stabbed and it would bring me up off of the table because of the intensiity of the pain. So I thought cracked rib or mystery injury that would heal. Tonight, I had my stepdaughter *90 lbs) walk on my back which used to help way back in the day and again, felt the knife go into my chest (so to speak). Are we dealing with something serious here? My gut tells me yes. I am a smoker.
    ctbeth responded:
    You really need to consult with your MD on this one.

    Maybe it is a cracked rib.

    To avoid going to the MD because of fear of the diagnosis can only prolong your anxiety.

    The sooner you get diagnosed, the sooner you can be treated.

    Please don't expect the worst; it usually isn't the worst thing that we can concoct, right?

    Have you quit smoking? This may be the perfect time!

    I was able to successfully quit, after many, many failed attempts, using the Nicorette lozenges. I liked them more than the gum.

    Keep us updated on your condition, okay.

    Best to you,

    splendad replied to ctbeth's response:
    Thanks CTBeth! But would a rib crack in the exact same place three years later for no particular reason? And the pain is not felt when you push in on the front (although the pain felt is IN the front when you push in on the back and a very localized area, approx. the size of a quarter or just larger).
    77grace replied to splendad's response:
    Hi splendad,
    I think if you are serious and want help ,definatly go to the DR.!We are only able to share with you our ideas and such!WE cannot tell you whats wrong,but you already know that!!
    e(I) can share our experience and suggest things for you! It sounds to me like there is something going on in your spine!!!
    Are you taking any Pain meds for any of this???
    I can empathize with your suffering because I have alot of neck and back pain problems!!!I have tumors that grow on the nerves of my spine and it causes alot of pain!I also have Scroliosis (SP) and I think its worse or something has definatly chaged in the past 6 months,So I too am going to ask my Dr. for some MRI"S!!I usually need to get them every couple of months!!
    I really do understand suffering and I pray that you find out whats going on and get some help!!!Let us know how you are!
    Blessings ,77grace

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