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Severe upper back pain not better with meds
An_248667 posted:
My back pain started out as feeling like I had a bubble in my upper back (kinda like I needed to pop it) within 2 days the pain had gotten worse so I went to a chiropractor who said that I had a few ribs out (no xrays were performed) after 2 visits and the pain becoming more excrutiating after visits I called a nurse hotline where they told me to dial 911 immediately due to where the pain was. I called but refused transport (due to money) and had a coworker take me to an urgent care where I was given diclofenac, soma, and lortabs, of which none did a bit of good for me. Yesterday after vomitting from the pain I went back and got a steroid shot and a pain med shot. Those also did nothing for the pain...the muscles around the area are extreemly tight and sore and hurt to the touch, however, you cannot access the stabbing pain feeling by touch...I can only describe the pain like I have a knife sticking out of the back of my lung. Spine Xrays and Lung Xrays also came back normal...Does anyone have any ideas? I am not on day 7 with the pain becoming worse by the does not make it better, laying down standing up, stretching, nothing I do relieves the pain...
77grace responded:
Hi and Welcome,
It sounds like you are in really bad pain and I want you to know that I can relate!!!I don't have the same problem but we shae some of the symtoms!
Just from what you ae saying I would suggest that you go to a Dr. as soon as possible,Is the Chiroprator the only Dr. that you have seen??I don't know how your insurance is but if you need to see a primary to get a referal do it!!!!Our spine is nothing to mess around with!!! What did they say at Urgent care??Maybe you need an MRI of the spine???I know with mine ,my tumors don't show up with a regular xray !
For now I would suggest Ice and heat and the medications you have!
Let us know what's up!
Take care,77grace
annette030 responded:
Follow up with the doctor that the ER told you to follow up with. It should be an orthopedist or a neurologist, or your family doctor.

With the price of ERs these days, I would probably refuse to leave the ER until my pain was controlled, if I got to the point to even going to an ER.

I would see my pcp or follow up with a neurologist myself.

Take care, Annette

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